Zen: Beginner’s Guide — Ian Tuhovsky

I do like books about Zen and i’ve read a great many throughout my life: so where does this one stack up?

I really enjoyed it.   Ian has a very approachable style of writing and digs into all aspects of Zen, mostly for the beginning practitioner; but i would also suggest that this is a great book for the Zen curious who have no interest, whatsoever, in pursuing a practice; or for those who maybe just want to dabble a little and see if it’s for them.   And it’s also a good book for those of us who practice alone, either due to where we live or other circumstances, but need a little support and/or guidance occasionally.

It’s verily worth the 99p i paid in a Kindle sale.

My only criticism is that there’s a fair few typos that a bit of mindfulness in the proof reading would have prevented which, to be honest, i found rather amusing considering the topic of this book.

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