Writers’ Alphabetty

Alphabet spaghetti with, who is your favourite, spelled out.
Yes, it took absolutely ages to do that picture, trying to find the letters i wanted (i couldn’t find another U so had to go with the American spelling ) and then getting them to stay upright — i do hope you appreciate it?

So this is the writers section of the website. All the writers who have a book somewhere on the website are listed in the alphabetical order of their family name – there’s an index at the bottom of each page in this section.

Do keep in mind if you’re looking for East Asian writers that usually their family names are before their other names and are listed as such in this alphabetty, and where Spanish writers use a double family name they are listed by the first family name.

To get the website up and running i just made each writer’s page with simple links to each book, but i’m slowly fleshing them out with a photo, info and maybe some thoughts on their writing as the time allows and the moods take me. Rome wasn’t built in a day and they had a lot more people on the job and were only using simple tools and blocks of stone.