Waiting For Monsieur Bellivier – Britta Röstlund

This is one of those books where you’re never quite sure what it is you’re reading or why but you just can’t put it down because it keeps grabbing your attention.   After a short while, because you read it so quickly because, like i say, it keeps grabbing your attention, you get to the end, and then you’re left thinking…

…what did i just read?

I like it.   Looking forward to Britta writing some more and me getting to read.

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  1. Added on 5th December 2018.

    As i’m moving the book reviews over from my other website it’s quite interesting to have a read while i go.   And with this i thought it needed an update…

    It’s been exactly a year and a day since i finished this book (checked on Goodreads) and one thing that has happened in that time is that i kept on having thoughts about needing to read this book again — which i’ve never had so soon from any other book.   I suppose it comes from the ‘…what did i just read?‘ in the review above.   I think because i read it so quickly the first time i feel i missed out on things and its definitely left a space in my mind that i need to re-read it to fill — which i hope doesn’t sound like a negative thing?   I definitely don’t feel anything negative about this book, completely the opposite, i’m actually looking forward to re-reading it as i did really enjoy it, but this time i’ll maybe take it a little slower and pay a little more attention to what’s going on — maybe.   LOL

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