The Waiting Room

Waiting Room
This is where all the books i already own that are awaiting the purchase of the rest of their series, or that i’ve pre-ordered, go to await their arrival. Once i download the books i’m waiting for they get thrown onto ‘The Pile’.

All of this usually gets decided if, or when, ‘Bookbub’ send me an email telling me that one of these writers has a book i’m waiting for on a special offer – yeah, i’m poor, and i’ve got so much to read in the meanwhile that it’s silly paying full price for a book when you’re in no rush to read it. Sometimes, though, i get fed up with waiting and either buy the book for full price because i want to read it immediately, or i give up on waiting and the books i already have of that series get thrown into ‘The Boneyard’ to await the inevitable digital decay that will occur over the next million or so years.

However, if you’re feeling generous and want to become an enabler for this book addict, and help support this website at the same time, then you can go to my Amazon Wish List and help complete any of these collections below as the missing ones are all on the list. There’s also a load of stand alone books that i want to read as well.

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Indra Station, written by Joseph Lallo.
Rogue Derelict, written by Joseph Lallo.
Everless, written by Sara Holland.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, written by Stieg Larsson.
The Girl Who Played With Fire, written by Stieg Larsson.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, written by Stieg Larsson.
The Girl in the Spider's Web, written by David Lagercrantz.
Cut, written by Annelie Wendeberg.
On Borrowed Luck, written by TJ Muir.
War Eternal, Books 1-3, written by M R Forbes.

Dungeon Born, written by Dakota Krout.
Dungeon Madness, written by Dakota Krout.
Dungeon Calamity, written by Dakota Krout.
Soldier of Fortune, written by Kathleen McClure.
Outrageous Fortune, written by Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon.
Orphan Dodger Soldier Spy, written by Kathleen McClure.
Ashes of the Fall, written by Nicholas Erik.
A Game of Thrones Books 1 to 5, written by George R R Martin.
Star Nomad, written by Lindsay Buroker.
The Dragon Blood Collection, Books 1-3, written by Lindsay Buroker.

Ministry Protocol, an anthology edited by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris.
The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh, written by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris.
Magical Mechanications, written by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris.
Earthrise, written by M C A Hogarth.
The Ark, written by Patrick S Tomlinson.
Shogun, written by James Clavell.
Mission Clockwork, written by Arthur Slade.
Mission Clockwork 2, written by Arthur Slade.
Qualify, written by Vera Nazarian.
Betrayal, written by Pippa DaCosta.

The Waiting Room – Page 2