The Unwanted – Steam Punk

Normally, i simply don’t finish crap books, and i don’t feel that it’s correct, or fair, to write a review about a book that i haven’t fully read. Therefore, you may have noticed, this website is full of positive reviews, simply because i only finish books, and therefore write reviews of books, that are good and that i’ve enjoyed.

But then came along this little short story, and because it was so short i read the whole of it even though it was crap. To be honest, i felt the website needed at least a token, single review of a crap book for some semblance of balance. At least now i won’t have to put up with anyone criticising me for only writing positive reviews, i can simply point them to this one post that utterly destroys that criticism – so there! Ner, ner, ne-ner, ner! 

Anyways, onto my one and only negative review…

For a give away short story one maybe shouldn’t complain, but it takes time to read stories and i feel this was a waste of it.

We are given characters who were raised and trained from childhood to fulfil their adult roles, who are apparently the best at what they do, but who then come across as incredibly flawed and weak.

Then there’s the editing, seriously, did someone just type this down and run it through a spell checker before publishing it?

I do feel there’s a good story hiding behind the faults, which kind of adds to the annoyance.

But most annoying of all is that it utterly made a mockery out of my ‘judging a book by its cover’ philosophy. Yes, occasionally, in order to facilitate the foisting of a crap book onto unfortunate readers, a crap writer will find a rather beautiful woman and dress her up in some delightfully arousing, Steampunk costume (i can’t help it, the Steampunk thing just does it for me) and put her on the cover – even though what’s inside the book doesn’t resemble anything like the what’s on the cover. And no, i’m not giving up on my philosophy just because a few cunts have decided to take advantage of it.

That all said, don’t ever say i don’t do negative reviews, because now i have.

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