The Frost on Jade Buds — Aliette de Bodard

Click here to read, The Frost on Jade Buds, written by Aliette de Bodard.Available as part of the anthology Solaris Rising 3 for which someone over at Amazon thinks the Kindle ebook should be almost the same price as the brand new paperback and more than 3 times the price of a second-hand paperback.

At the time of writing this, Solaris Rising 3 was £5.99, Solaris Rising 1 was £4.31 and Solaris Rising 2 was 99p for their respective Kindle editions.   I’ve no idea who is setting the pricing on these books but it’s obviously utterly chaotic and i have no intention of taking part in this pricing farce.   I’ll wait until 3 is available at a sensible price because i’m not going to pay £5.99 for an ebook.

So i’m skipping ahead to the next book in the Xuya series: A Hundred and Seventy Storms.

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