The Crescents – Joseph R. Lallo

Ooooh, just look at that cover!!!   Along with beautiful women in steampunk outfits (our favourite ), the Kindle Worm Quality Control team did a quick survey of all the staff at morning tea break and everyone at Kindle Worm HQ (apart from one who was given her final written warning) agrees that a good dragon picture on the cover is always a good indicator of a really good book.

Joseph had a baby jesus’ birthday sale and i bought 8 books of his i didn’t already have to almost complete my Joseph Lallo collection.   There’s just ‘Blackguards’ left to get before my trip back to ‘The Book of Deacon’ sometime in 2019.

While i’m waiting for Blackguards to come up on a Kindle deal, i’ve got ‘Indra Station’ and also a few stand alone Lallo books to enjoy, and fingers crossed for yet another ‘Free Wrench’ and ‘Deacon’ novel, and some shorts, soon too.   It’s certainly going to be quite a good Joseph Lallo reading binge year.

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