The Constantine Affliction — T. Aaron Payton

I was hoping for some really good old fashioned Steampunk, but it’s certainly not the usual kind of Steampunk that one is used to.   It’s alright though, i read it to the end and don’t feel disappointed.

One caveat: this is most certainly not for children, so don’t go giving them a copy or you may be answering some rather awkward questions.

So yeah, an alcoholic private-detective meets his soul mate, a cis-woman, but he’s already married to a trans-woman who has been changed by the Constantine Affliction; then there’s a Frankenstein monster scientist looking for his soul mate, or rather trying to create her from corpses; a mad crazy megalomaniac inventor, Queen Victoria, dark and dingy Victorian London streets and tunnels, criminals and monsters, to name but a few: all designed to keep you thoroughly entertained.

So yeah, have at it.

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