The Legend of Socket Greeny — Tony Bertauski

And so ends the Socket Greeny Saga, and what an ending it all turned out to be.

There was a point near the beginning of this final book where i thought it looked very clear how this was going to go, and i admit to feeling a little disappointed.

‘But wait, read on’, i told myself; ‘before jumping to conclusions.’

Tony does enjoy his plot twists and this one just seemed to keep on twisting, as further and further down the rabbit hole of Socket’s true nature we went.   My little disappointment didn’t last long at all — sorry for ever doubting you Tony.

And the final word is…


wait for it…


Yup, this whole saga has been totally enjoyable and very unputdownable.   Which, although it’s been quite a while since i read Halfskin, is what i remember feeling about that series as well.

Yes folks, Tony is a great writer who, if you’re into his kind of sci-fi, will certainly keep you engaged all the way until the last page.   Great characters, great writing, with a nice standard everyday lexicon that doesn’t leave you having to use look up at all: which does make the reading experience a lot more immersive.

All i can say is that i’m very much looking forward to next time the “Infinite Improbability Drive” picks one of Tony’s books to read.

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The Training of Socket Greeny — Tony Bertauski

Oh wow, that was rather exciting.   I usually read for about an hour or so at bedtime but last night i picked up this story at 21% in and couldn’t put it down until i’d totally devoured the lot.

The first third of the book mostly deals with Socket’s training and how bad he’s getting it from his trainer, his mother’s interference, his own issues with it, etc..   Then, while supposed to be taking a break at home it all begins to unravel for Socket as he moves closer to his final test, and then, big badda kaboom!!!   The last third of this book is relentless, and, for me at least, totally unputdownable.

Tony is a fantastic writer with a great imagination and the writing ability to convey it.

So, with that said, i’m off to dive straight into ‘The Legend of Socket Greeny’.

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The Discovery of Socket Greeny — Tony Bertauski

So after a good start with ‘The Making of Socket Greeny’ this book continues in very much the same high paced, action packed way.

All super good fun, with young people creating merry mayhem while saving humanity from the evil things.   Well written and enjoyable — even for a 54 year old — so i’m just gonna dive straight into ‘The Training of Socket Greeny’ and find out what happens next.

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The Making of Socket Greeny — Tony Bertauski

As a short prequel to the main trilogy it sets the stage quite well.

We’re definitely dealing with teenagers running amok in full immersion virtual reality environments.   It’s got aspects of ‘Ready Player One’ and Anthea Sharp’s ‘Feyland’ series, so if you enjoyed those Socket Greeny may just be your thing.

At the end of the day, a prequel should serve one purpose and that’s to get you wanting to read the rest of the series, and this has definitely served it’s purpose as i dove straight into ‘The Discovery of Socket Greeny’.   It could have used a little editing to get rid of a few typos, but other than that it’s well written with a fast flowing narrative.

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Halfskin Boxed — Tony Bertauski

A really good trilogy relegated to The Boneyard because i didn’t write a proper review when i read it.   But i do remember really enjoying this trilogy, and i’ll definitely get around to re-reading it one day and write a proper review then.

Good writing, great idea, and i do recommended giving it a go.

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