The Discovery of Socket Greeny — Tony Bertauski

So after a good start with ‘The Making of Socket Greeny’ this book continues in very much the same high paced, action packed way.

All super good fun, with young people creating lots of chaos while saving humanity from the evil things.   Well written and enjoyable — even for a 54 year old — so i’m just gonna dive straight into ‘The Training of Socket Greeny’ and find out what happens next.

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The Making of Socket Greeny — Tony Bertauski

As a short prequel to the main trilogy it sets the stage quite well.

We’re definitely dealing with teenagers running amok in full immersion virtual reality environments.   It’s got aspects of ‘Ready Player One’ and Anthea Sharp’s ‘Feyland’ series, so if you enjoyed those Socket Greeny may just be your thing.

At the end of the day, a prequel should serve one purpose and that’s to get you wanting to read the rest of the series, and this has definitely served it’s purpose as i dove straight into ‘The Discovery of Socket Greeny’.   It could have used a little editing to get rid of a few typos, but other than that it’s well written with a fast flowing narrative.

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Melting Shlemiel — Jason Werbeloff

An interesting allegorical novella that has as a good metaphorical dig at those who build walls of exclusion around themselves.

Set in a very pious Jewish area of Jerusalem, during 2054, it’s pretty obvious who the author is pointing at and why.   The Jewish state first build walls to separate and defend their country, then it’s walls to separate and defend each town, then each district, then each house, until each person has their very own impregnable, permanent second skin.

Can also be read as a fun little dystopian/cyberpunk thing if you don’t want to think too much.

Currently only available in the anthology, ‘2054’.

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