The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes — Ruth Hogan

Having totally enjoyed ‘The Keeper of Lost Things’, i just had to give this a read.

Mostly a book that deals with death, and how different people deal with death in its many guises.   I know, it sounds a bit morbid and miserable, but Ruth manages to pull this off without it being so.

As with ‘The Keeper of Lost Things’, Ruth creates a wonderful cast of characters that we can believe in and feel for.   People who have been hit by tradgedy and grief and have to learn to live on with it.   And Ruth does this with a wonderful compassion mixed in with just the perfect touch of humour to keep the story flowing along nicely while set mostly between a Victorian grave yard and a lido.

10/10 for taking a topic that most writers would shy away from and making it into a really enjoyable, thoughtful read, with quite a few titbits of genuine wisdom thrown in.

I really enjoy Ruth’s writing, and you’ll definitely find me reading Ruth’s next book, ‘Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel’, at some future date.

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The Keeper of Lost Things — Ruth Hogan

A really enjoyable book.

The best thing about owning a Kindle is discovering ‘Kindle Book Deals’:   for 99 pence, including delivery, you really can’t go wrong trying out books simply judged by their titles and covers.   This one was a certainly a diamond in the rough.

Ruth’s treatment of Down’s Syndrome was a breath of fresh air in a world so full of ignorance and stigma, and her treatment of Alzheimer’s disease equally so.   Ruth really isn’t afraid to delve into lives that few writers would fear to tread and does so with care and understanding.

Definitely a book for anyone wanting to read a lovely, well thought out, enjoyable story with great characters you can’t help but enjoy — Ruth even manages to include a likeable ghost.

And if you should enjoy this book, and why wouldn’t you, then Ruth’s next book, ‘The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes’ is waiting for you.

Ruth’s Page

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