Little Exiles — Robert Dinsdale

I normally read writers in chronological order, but with Robert i started on his fifth book, ‘The Toy Makers’, then his fourth book, ‘Gingerbread’, and now i find this, his third book, has been added to ‘The Pile’ — now how did that get there?

Yeah, i’m a total fanboy of Robert’s stories.   Looking forward to this one.

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Gingerbread — Robert Dinsdale

Having been totally blown away by Robert’s 5th book, ‘The Toymakers’ i put him into ‘Bookbub’ as one of my saved writers and when this, Robert’s 4th book, popped up, i didn’t need asking twice to read more of Robert’s words.

And i wasn’t disappointed.

As with ‘The Toymakers’ there’s the PTSD element in one of the main characters and how that affects their lives and the people in it.   Or, as Robert described it in his interview at the end of this book…

…those wild, desperate places that people learn to bury inside themselves so that, after having endured terrible things, they can find a way to live on.

And Robert does this masterfully, and he does so in a prose that is accessible, flowing, easy to read, and with that perfect level of descriptiveness that the story needs.

Within the story that is ‘Gingerbread’, there are tales being told from a grandfather to his grandson.   Tales at first that seem just that, folklore and myth, but as we go through the main story the little tales that grandfather tells reveal something far more.

At times this book is harrowing, it moves you, and deeply, or at least if you have any compassion it will.

At the end of any book, the question the reader has to ask themselves is this… ‘Do i want to read more from this writer?   After ‘The Toymakers’, the answer was a definite… ‘Absolutely’, and after ‘Gingerbread’ i’m definitely more absolute about it.   Yes, i’m absolutely certain i’m going to be reading Robert’s 3rd book, ‘Little Exiles’, in the not too distant future as it’s in ‘The Pile’, and i’m also very much looking forward to many more incredible books from Robert in the years ahead — i’m hooked.

Sadly, Robert’s first and second book aren’t yet in Kindle format — we live in hope.

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The Toymakers — Robert Dinsdale

When this book came up on ‘Bookbub’ as a 99p deal i was immediately attracted to it.   Yes, i do judge books by their covers, and also by their titles.   So i went to Amazon to check it out and it stated that it would suit those who enjoyed reading ‘The Night Circus’.

So as i’d very much enjoyed ‘The Night Circus’ and it being only 99p i went ahead and bought it.

But to be quite honest, it’s nothing like ‘The Night Circus’.   They’re 2 very different books, IMHO.

‘The Toymakers’ is, at the end of the day, a story very much about unrequited love, sibling envy, and PTSD; whereas ‘The Night Circus’ is neither of those things.

While both are set in magical spaces, there are no other real similarities whatsoever.

But having said all that, i did very much enjoy reading this book.   It is a fantastic journey through decades of 20th century London, including WW1 and WW2.   It delves well into PTSD and its affects on those who come back from the horrors of war and have to fit back into the lives they left behind.

And the ending…

…well, i never expected that.   What a wonderful twist in the tale.

If you’re looking for a really decent read, then look no further than ‘The Toymakers’.   I doubt many will be left disappointed.


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