The Faerie Girl and Other Tales — Anthea Sharp

The Faerie Girl
The Sea King’s Daughter
Brea’s Tale
The Faerie Invasion
Goblin in Love
The Tree of Fate and Wishes

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Through Time and Space — Julia Crane

A fun, little re-make of Little Red Riding Hood with all the usual protagonists portrayed as Venusians being banished to Earth.

This is my first story from the anthology, Once Upon A Star, which, apparently, is all fairy tales re-told in sci-fi settings.   However, i would put Through Time and Space squarely in the fantasy box as moving by magic from one planet to another isn’t really sci-fi in my genre boxes.   One certainly wouldn’t put Raymond E Feist in the sci-fi category and he has plenty of rift gate planet hopping going on in his books.

I read this just so i could add it to my Little Red Riding Hood collection, and genre debates aside, it’s a nice little addition to the page.

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Rendezvous With Rama — Arthur C. Clarke

What’s there to say: proper, good, classic sci-fi.   As with Childhood’s End, it is well deserving of it’s place in the “SF Masterworks” series.

This time, instead of actual aliens coming to Earth and a prophecy of how humanity will eventually evolve, in Rendezvous With Rama we have a large alien vessel entering the solar system on a path that will take it inside the orbit of Mercury, around the Sun, and then, is anyone’s guess.   Will it adjust it’s trajectory, pull a breaking manouvre and find a stable orbit in the solar system, or will it use the Sun and sling shot elsewhere?   Where did it come from, who sent it, who or what is inside, what is it’s purpose?

Set in a time when humans have colonised several planets and moons in the solar system and space flight is quite normal, we have one space ship — the Endeavour, captained by a big fan of James Cook — that is able to get some fuel and rendezvous with this vessel and investigate it.   However, once the vessel has passed inside the orbit of Mercury, the Mercurians decide to take matters into their own hands and ignore what the rest of humanity has to say on the matter.

As i say, this is a proper old school sci-fi first contact story at its best and well deserving of its place as a “SF Masterworks”.

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Once Upon A Star: An Anthology — Various

Oooh, sci-fi fairy tales.

Escape: A Liza Roth Adventure — Anthea Sharp
True.Love — Alethea Kontis
Blow Your Planet Down — Shawntelle Madison
The Cyrano Solution: A Gaian Consortium Story — Christine Pope
Once You Wish — Evelyn Snow
By the Light of a Distant Star — Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Vasilia and the Horse of Power — Jamie Ferguson
Echo — Nikki Jefford
Deadly Dance — Kasey Mackenzie
Through Time and Space: A Little Red Riding Hood Tale — Julia Crane
The Star Dragon’s Curse — Alexia Purdy
Zatarra — Phaedra Weldon
Loxley — Sarra Cannon
Candy House — Kay McSpadden

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Brea’s Tale — Anthea Sharp

All in all i quite enjoyed the first Feyland trilogy and so i’ll definitely give the second trilogy a good read as soon as i collect them all.

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Tales of Feyland and Faerie — Anthea Sharp

Beneath the Knowe
Fae Horse
Breaking the Brownie Code
Music’s Price
Feyland: The First Adventure
How to Babysit a Changling
Brea’s Tale: Arrival

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Finale — Stephanie Garber

This book is utterly intolerable.   I managed to get to 41% before i simply couldn’t take it any more.

After Legendary lead me to believe that there was hope for these two sisters, that they have grown up a bit and learned something from their previous experiences, in Finale it’s like we’ve gone back to the childish romantic stupidity of the first book, but this time it’s both sisters who are just being utterly ridiculous.

While i can accept that there are plenty of people in the world who act like these two sisters do, continuously allowing their immature, undeveloped emotions to get the better of them, they wouldn’t be able to survive in an environment like the one in these books.   No one who makes such ridiculous, pathetic, nonsensical decisions in such an environment would survive for more than 10 minutes.   So the idea that the immortal greats of the universe would fall in love with such pathetic creatures is as utterly ridiculous as these sisters are, as utterly ridiculous as Stephanie’s writing has become.

I’m not sure what audience this trilogy is aimed at, certainly not anyone who has had any life experience, certainly not anyone who enjoys good fantasy and certainly not anyone who thinks Night Circus is good.   If you enjoyed Night Circus, if you like good fantasy, or if you’ve had any life experience at all, stay away from the Caraval trilogy, it’s woeful.

I’m certainly glad i only paid 99p for each book in Kindle deals: i’d be rather grumpy if i’d paid the full asking price for these.

It’s so bad i simply don’t care how this all ends as i simply can’t read any more of this rubbish.   I’ll be deleting all three books from my Kindle and my Amazon account as i certainly won’t be finishing this one or reading the other two ever again.

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