Leda — Aldous Huxley

Another early book of Aldous’ poems.   I think this is the last of the poetry, which i’m quite glad about as i can say, without any doubt, that i much, much prefer Aldous’ prose.

Like the previous books of poetry by Aldous, not really my thing:  other’s mileage may vary though, so don’t let me put you off if you enjoy this style of overly-done, Victorian-upper-class poetry.

Aldous’ Page

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The Defeat Of Youth And Other Poems — Aldous Huxley

And so continues my chronological journey through Aldous’ bibliography.

Although a fair few of the poems were as way beyond me as most were in The Burning Wheel, this did seem a little bit more accessible.   I have no idea how much of that is me becoming used to the lexicon and style, or if Aldous has began to write a little more accessibly.

Anyway, another book of poetry that some of you may find enjoyable if you’re into early 1900’s poetry.

To be honest i’ll be glad to finally finish reading Aldous’ poetry and get onto things more enjoyable.

Aldous’ Page

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin — Robert Browning

A delightful, long poem telling the full story of the Pied Piper.   Great for reading out loud to children.   And much, much better than the Brothers Grimm version.

Best of all, it’s free.   So why not download and give it a read today.

Fairy Tales and Folklore Robert’s Page

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Of Mutability — Jo Shapcott

When i set up this website i added my whole Kindle collection from Amazon.   Amongst many books that i didn’t know i had was this one, and i’ve still no idea how it appeared on my account.

Although i don’t normally read poetry, i usually enjoy it when i do, and i was actually looking forward to reading through this collection.

But i have to say, i’m seriously disappointed.   I made it 10% in, which i admit is not very far, but i really couldn’t take any more.

I have no idea when random babble written as bad prose that then gets chopped up randomly into lines that have no cadence, meter, rhythm, rhyme, structure or style got defined as poetry, but it seems that some people now claim it is.

I suppose its the same type that class Sewing Machine in Hessian Sack as modern art — utter bollox!

Here’s some modern poetry (apparently):

It may please the Sunday Times
cryptic crossword
crowd while drinking
coffee from a disposable cup
(see front cover), but
i very much doubt it
will please anyone


Jo’s Page

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