The Little Pink Book — JT Lawrence

Another delightful short from Janita.

It’s about a midwife who’s at work helping a woman give birth, as midwives are prone to do.

Apparently, one needs to trust ones midwife, and Janita assures the reader of this thus making it a fact.

Maybe it’s probably not a great book to read if you are pregnant.

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull — Richard Bach

I fail to understand why this book is lauded by so many people.   I fail to see why this book is regarded as inspirational.

It’s like: completely ignore anyone else, even if they might actually be right, and just go and do anything you feel like, no matter how dangerous to yourself or to others around you.   Remember, your ego is the most important thing in the universe so get out there and show off your ability to be better at something than everyone else.

What, you’re not better at something than everyone else?   Well you best get out there and practice and work hard every single day from dawn till dusk until you are better than everyone else.

And then when you’re better than everyone else go and tell them you are.   Make sure all that hard work and effort isn’t wasted by not having anyone be inspired by you, you super amazing thing you, oh, just look at the size of that amazing ego shining forth from your…

Do make sure to let all the dull and boring people know how utterly amazing you are as you ignore the 30 mph speed signs and drive your amazingly fast car over 150 mph down these busy, boring, urban streets; past schools and playgrounds where the children of dull and boring parents await eagerly to be inspired by your rebellion.   Ignore what anyone else has to say, even if they may actually be right and have a very good reason to say it.   Don’t worry if you kill or injure anyone while doing your stupid stunts, just make sure they all get to see how amazing you are.

Ho hum, call me curmudgeon, i’m off shopping on me moped.

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The Other Eight — Joseph R. Lallo

I admit to not being into all this super hero stuff — a bit of batman is as far as it goes with me.   So why was i reading this book?   Because it was written by Joseph — nuff said.

The reason i don’t like the normal super hero thing is that it’s all just plain stupid: get bit by a radio active spider and suddenly you can climb walls and beat the hell out of super villains.   Yeah, whatevah!   But The Other Eight takes that just plain stupid thing to the most silly it can get and just has some fun with it.   And, i have to say, it actually works.

At last a super hero story that actually sets out to be silly, rather than a silly super hero story trying it’s hardest to be serious.

So yeah, i like it.   Because every now and again one needs a bit of silly in ones life and this book fills that spot exceptionally well.   And just to make sure you actually get that message, Joseph throws in a relevant quote from the great Willy Wonker:

‘A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.’

Great writing, fun characters, fun story, just fun.


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The Legend of Socket Greeny — Tony Bertauski

And so ends the Socket Greeny Saga, and what an ending it all turned out to be.

There was a point near the beginning of this final book where i thought it looked very clear how this was going to go, and i admit to feeling a little disappointed.

‘But wait, read on’, i told myself; ‘before jumping to conclusions.’

Tony does enjoy his plot twists and this one just seemed to keep on twisting, as further and further down the rabbit hole of Socket’s true nature we went.   My little disappointment didn’t last long at all — sorry for ever doubting you Tony.

And the final word is…


wait for it…


Yup, this whole saga has been totally enjoyable and very unputdownable.   Which, although it’s been quite a while since i read Halfskin, is what i remember feeling about that series as well.

Yes folks, Tony is a great writer who, if you’re into his kind of sci-fi, will certainly keep you engaged all the way until the last page.   Great characters, great writing, with a nice standard everyday lexicon that doesn’t leave you having to use look up at all: which does make the reading experience a lot more immersive.

All i can say is that i’m very much looking forward to next time the “Infinite Improbability Drive” picks one of Tony’s books to read.

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