The Big Hello — Alastair Reynolds

The Big Hello, written by Alastair Reynolds.It’s listed on Wikipedia without a date, but it’s first in the queue of Alastair’s uncollected short fiction, and it is The Big Hello, afterall, so you may as well read it first if you’re reading all of Alastair’s books: me thinks.

You’ll have to hunt around the internet for this, it was originally published in German translation in a convention program.   But, like most rare things, it’s well worth a bit of a hunt around.

Basically, it’s a greeting from the rest of the galaxy informing us stupid Homo sapiens of a bit of etiquette, manners and how to go about things outside of out little insular bubble.   But, let’s be honest, we all know people like Musk & Co. are going to ignore everything Alastair says and totally fuck it up for the rest of us.

Alastair’s Page

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Painted Love — Rob Thurman

Painted Love, written by Rob Thurman.In the anthology, Carniepunk.

An enjoyable little story where our narrator, Doodle, follows a sociopath around a travelling carnival.

But all is not as it seems with Doodle, and it’s a really good twist to the ending.   I’d definitely be interested in reading more stories from Doodle if Rob ever gets around to writing a series.

Rob’s Page

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Mummy and George Go to the Park — Gaie Sebold

Mummy and George Go to the Park, written by Gaie Sebold.In the anthology, Nice Day for a Picnic.

I only got this anthology for Gaie’s story, as i’m quite the fan boy.

An interesting short in that it just implies something rather than spoon feeding you it.   I believe the whole anthology is about strange picnics and if Gaie’s story is anything to go by i think i might just have a go at a few more of them when i feel like a quick read.

So the whole thing is just Mummy’s voice speaking to George as they go to the park for a picnic, which seems quite normal at first, but as Mummy keeps on speaking to George as they go through their park visit we begin to realise that things aren’t quite normal.

It’s certainly different, but really enjoyable.

Gaie’s Page

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