The Measure of a Man — Kathleen McClure

I once wrote in another book review that “maybe we could all use a dose of ‘silly’ now and again”; likewise, this is a fun short story that will certainly give you a nice little dose of said silly that you didn’t even realise you so desperately needed in this totally messed up world that you take so seriously.

A rat bites a werewolf in the subway, and yes, just like being bitten by a werewolf things also begin to change when you bite werewolves: even if you are just a tiny subway rat.

All good fun, and with the usual non-stop flowing writing that Kathleen’s so good at.

So stop reading the newspapers over breakfast and getting all depressed about things you can’t do anything about, go download this short story and read it instead, then phone in sick and have a nice, silly day off from your serious lives.

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The Longest Shard — Kathleen McClure

If you like really good steampunk with really good characters navigating a really good world then The Fortune Chronicles by Kathleen McClure will be right up your alley.

Every one of the Fortune books i’ve read so far has left me really glad i bought it and always leaves me eagerly awaiting more.   Kathleen is one of those writers who, once she’s got you started in a book, just ain’t gonna let you go until the last page.   It’s just non-stop, gritty, character driven stuff with great world building that will keep you up late reading when you should be getting some sleep.

The Longest Shard is a really well written, fast paced novella giving us more of Gideon Quinn’s back story before the main books.

Seriously folks, if you like steampunk give Kathleen, Fortune and Gideon Quinn a chance: you won’t regret it.

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Orpheus and In the Underworld — Kathleen McClure

Another series from Kathleen.   If it’s anything like as good as The Fortune Chronicles then we’re in for a super treat.

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The Gemini Hustle — Kathleen McClure

Another series from Kathleen.   If it’s anything like as good as ‘The Fortune Chronicles’ then we’re in for a super treat.

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Orphan, Dodger, Soldier, Spy — Kathleen McClure

Great covers and titles in this series — and the stories match.   Lots more please, Kathleen.

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Outrageous Fortune — Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon

Previously read before i began writing reviews.   I can say i remember it being a really enjoyable book and i’m just waiting for Kathleen to add a few more books to the series before i come back and re-read this and give it the review it deserves.

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Soldier of Fortune — Kathleen McClure

I previously read this before i began writing reviews.   Kathleen’s busy writing a few more for the series and i’ll definitely be coming back and re-reading this and writing the proper review it deserves.   I do remember really enjoying it and look forward to having a good binge read in the not too distant future.

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