The Beast of the Cave — Joseph R. Lallo

The Beast of the Cave, written by Joseph R Lallo.Last time i counted this was the 11th book in The Book of Deacon series, cronologoically speaking; but, that’s at the time of writing this, Joseph may have thrown one or two more books into the mix since then.

Anyway, a really good novella telling us what Mott got up to after The D’Karon Apprentice, and best read as soon as you’ve finished that and before you read The Crescents.

One thing Joseph really excels at is writing cute, little creature characters into his stories, and even the most motley, messed up, creatures — like Mott — should be able to get a Lallo makeover once in a while.   Not that Mott will ever be as cute as Squee, but just don’t go judging a monster by its…

…well, whatever it is one judges monsters by these days:  every freaky, patchwork monster deserves a second chance.


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Sidequests — Joseph R. Lallo

Sidequests, written by Joseph R Lallo.A delightful collection of short stories that Joseph was nice enough to give away to all those of us who receive his newsletter:   so sign up now!!!

Squee’s Day Out (Big Sigma)
Building the Perfect Pet (Big Sigma)
Meeting of the Mas (Big Sigma)
The New Inspector (Free-Wrench)
Lil and Coop (Free-Wrench)
The Beast of the Cave (Book of Deacon)

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Wasteland — Joseph R. Lallo

A fun post-apocalyptic short story.   Nothing gorey or nasty, i would even say it’s suitable for children.

Originally only available to Joseph’s Patreon subscribers but now also in the collection Paradoxes and Dragons.

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Halfax — Joseph R. Lallo

Another addition to The Book of Deacon series.

This novella takes up the story after the events of Jade when Myn has gotten a little older, and i admit that i did have hopes that we may have found some of the answers to the questions that Jade had left festering in my mind: alas it was not to be.

Answers aside though, it’s a well written novella set in one of my favourite series, so i’m not complaining too much about being kept in the dark.   I’m sure Joseph will get around to filling in all the blanks for us in some future books.

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It Does Not Follow — Joseph R. Lallo

A short story that is a conversation between a scientist and an AI — with an interesting twist in the tail.

For those who have read Joseph’s Big Sigma series, you’ll know how good he is writing AI’s into his books.

Originally only available to Joseph’s Patreon subscribers but now also in the collection Paradoxes and Dragons.

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The Other Eight — Joseph R. Lallo

I admit to not being into all this super hero stuff — a bit of batman is as far as it goes with me.   So why was i reading this book?   Because it was written by Joseph — nuff said.

The reason i don’t like the normal super hero thing is that it’s all just plain stupid: get bit by a radio active spider and suddenly you can climb walls and beat the hell out of super villains.   Yeah, whatevah!   But The Other Eight takes that just plain stupid thing to the most silly it can get and just has some fun with it.   And, i have to say, it actually works.

At last a super hero story that actually sets out to be silly, rather than a silly super hero story trying it’s hardest to be serious.

So yeah, i like it.   Because every now and again one needs a bit of silly in ones life and this book fills that spot exceptionally well.   And just to make sure you actually get that message, Joseph throws in a relevant quote from the great Willy Wonker:

‘A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.’

Great writing, fun characters, fun story, just fun.


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Bella’s Journey — Joseph R. Lallo

Sometimes a writer makes you feel that you should read everything they write, including the children’s stories — and hey, why not.

If you’ve got a young child, or an old one, especially one who likes unicorns, then this is a lovely little read.   Joseph does writes nice children’s stories.

Originally only available to Joseph’s Patreon subscribers but now also in the collection Paradoxes and Dragons.

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