The Other Eight — Joseph R. Lallo

I admit to not being into all this super hero stuff — a bit of batman is as far as it goes with me.   So why was i reading this book?   Because it was written by Joseph — nuff said.

The reason i don’t like the normal super hero thing is that it’s all just plain stupid: get bit by a radio active spider and suddenly you can climb walls and beat the hell out of super villains.   Yeah, whatevah!   But The Other Eight takes that just plain stupid thing to the most silly it can get and just has some fun with it.   And, i have to say, it actually works.

At last a super hero story that actually sets out to be silly, rather than a silly super hero story trying it’s hardest to be serious.

So yeah, i like it.   Because every now and again one needs a bit of silly in ones life and this book fills that spot exceptionally well.   And just to make sure you actually get that message, Joseph throws in a relevant quote from the great Willy Wonker:

‘A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.’

Great writing, fun characters, fun story, just fun.


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Bella’s Journey — Joseph R. Lallo

Sometimes a writer makes you feel that you should read everything they write, including the children’s stories — and hey, why not.

If you’ve got a young child, or an old one, especially one who likes unicorns, then this is a lovely little read.   Joseph does writes nice children’s stories.

Currently only available to Joseph’s Patreon supporters.

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Character Interview: Azriel – Joseph R. Lallo

A little extra to add on for your ‘Book of Deacon’ experience.   Free to read online after you’ve read all the books because it has a few spoilers.

So that will make this the 16th book in ‘The Book of Deacon’ series.

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The Stump and the Spire — Joseph R. Lallo

The 15th book in ‘The Book of Deacon’ series.

A little stand alone short thrown in at the end, set long after the events of Miranda and Myn’s battle in Kenvard.

It’s a nice little read included at the end of ‘The Book of Deacon Anthology’.

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Jade – Joseph R. Lallo

This being currently the last book in the main story line of ‘The Book of Deacon’ series, and i really don’t know what to make of it.

Mostly it’s written in what feels like a children’s story style, But at the same time it is part of the main story line being set many years after the last events we read about in ‘The Crescents’.

In this book we are told that the Chosen have only left 3 surviving family lines, that of Trigorah, Celeste and Myn.   But the thing is, if you remember, Myn took Trigorah’s place as a Chosen, thus we should have had at least another 3 or 4 family lines, but there’s no mentioned as to what became of them: that of Ether, that of Ivy, that of Lain and possibly that of the original knight that Miranda found.

So we are left with the question, what happened to Ivy and Lain’s lines over in The Crescents?   Totally wiped out apparently.   Ether, totally wiped out???   The original knight’s family, totally wiped out.   But we are given no explanation of how, only that Epidime may have had something to do with it.

And that Halfax is the last surviving dragon — which he must be because he’s never had offspring of his own, which one would think he and the other dragons of Myn’s line would have if, as he claims, the dragons cared so much about protecting the Chosen family lines.   So what happened to all the dragons, why’s there only one left?

This book, which i thought would have been tying up the loose ends and living happily ever after, has taken us back to the very beginning of not having all the Chosen ready and the D’Karon beginning to gain a power base, but with no explanation of how we got back here.

So i’m a bit confused, to say the least.

But, i’ll be the eternal optimist and surmise that Joseph has a ton more books for this series planned to deal with everything that’s suddenly gone missing, answer all the questions now being asked, and then tie up the story nicely, destroy the D’Karon completely, and have everyone live happily ever after — just coz that’d be nice.

We shall see.

This book can also be found in ‘The Book of Deacon Anthology’.

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The Crescents — Joseph R. Lallo

Ooooh, just look at that cover!!!   Along with beautiful women in steampunk outfits — our favourite — the Kindle Worm Quality Control team did a quick survey of all the staff at morning tea break and everyone at Kindle Worm HQ agrees that a good dragon picture on the cover is always a good indicator of a really good book — apart from one who doesn’t like dragons so she was promptly given her final written warning for contravening article 16:a:ii of her contract: ‘Though shalt not be a curmudgeon in the work place’.

But does the story come up to the standard set by the cover?   I certainly think so.   As fantasy goes, this one’s got most of it: Cheftains, Priestesses, Wizards, Kings, Elves, Fairies, Malthropes, Dwarves, Humans, Dragons, Golems and, in a class of her own, Ether.

The Chosen are asked by the Elven King of South Crescent to visit and sort out a few problems for him and in doing so get him some popularity back amongst his people.   In return he offers the Chosen a cure for the blight that the D’Karon spells left upon the land.   And so, offered the chance to heal the land, the Chosen jump aboard a ship, along with Garr and Gustrim, and sail off to The Crescents for a wonderful adventure.

It’s a great piece of story telling, and, i think, is definitely one of the better books in this series.

‘The Story of Sorrel’ is quite important to have read before starting this as it gives a ton of background to this story.

Anyway, a great read from a great series.

The 13th book in ‘The Book of Deacon’ series.

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The Story of Sorrel – Joseph R. Lallo

Isn’t that just the most awesome cover?

This book is supposed to be a side shoot from ‘The Book of Deacon’ series, and while it is a fairly stand alone story, i do feel its quite an important part of the series and a definite must read if you want to fully enjoy the whole series. It is best read right before ‘The Crescents’, as, although ‘The Crescents’ is set many years in the future, ‘The Story of Sorrel’ sets the stage for everything that happens in ‘The Crescents’.

So, what about the story? Well, obviously from the cover art, we’re dealing with Sorrel, who is a malthrope, and a rather large dragon.   Yes, i admit it, i love dragons, and any good story about dragons always gets a big thumbs up from me, and this is a very good dragon story.   Malthropes are really interesting creatures that Joseph created for this series and mixing up a story with malthropes and dragons is, quite simply, wonderful.

I say malthropes, plural, because you will remember from reading ‘The Rise of the Red Shadow’ that when Sorrel left she wasn’t alone, she had her two children with her.   So along with Sorrel’s story we also get to find out what happened to the children too.

So a completely new environment, a completely new dragon, fairies and malthropes, and maybe a few other things as well.   It’s Joseph at his best and absolutely essential reading for Deacon fans everywhere.

The 11th book in ‘The Book of Deacon’ series.

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The D’Karon Apprentice – Joseph R. Lallo

The 10th book in ‘The Book of Deacon’ series.

Wow, i really, really enjoyed this book.   The series just keeps getting better.

In this episode we finally find out how the D’Karon got into the world in the first place, and also why.   And so, once more, ‘The Chosen’ have to get together and do their thing to try and stop it happening all over again, while all the time trying to prevent the war between the Alliance and Tressor from re-igniting.

And while all this is going on Myn’s found herself a boyfriend, sweeet.   This for me is the best bit about this book as, other than a brief time with Solomon who is only a handbag dragon, Myn has never met a real dragon before.   So Myn, not doing anything by halves, finds herself a big, manly, battle dragon to play with.   It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s everything a first crush should be — just with two rather large and very dangerous dragons.

And Ether’s having her own crisis of existence at the same time.

Brilliant stuff.   And now onto ‘The Crescents’.

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It Does Not Follow – Joseph R. Lallo

Currently only available to Joseph’s Patreon supporters.   Sign up today and get some book’s, support our favourite independent writer and keep on keeping it real against the big corporate nasty publishing houses who want to control everything we read.   Independent writers are well worth supporting, me thinks.

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