Obsidian Worlds — Jason Werbeloff

I only recently discovered Jason’s writing and i have to say that i’m really enjoying it.

Obsidian Worlds is a whole book full of short stories about random sci-fi things which i chose to read as inbetweenies between chapters of How Emotions Are Made.   It worked out really well giving nice little breaks to allow Lisa’s cutting edge science to percolate through my synapses, although, unfortunately, there aren’t enough shorts in this collection to cover all the chapters in Lisa’s book.   Ho hum, i’ll just have to find some other shorts to read.

So yeah, Jason has a Phd in philosophy and i think that kinda adds a certain flavour to Jason’s sci-fi, and i do like philosophers who chose to write stories instead of academic papers — much more fun for all of us.

Other philosophers who write stories that i recommend would be Aldous Huxley and Pascal Mercier.

Jason’s Page

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Melting Shlemiel — Jason Werbeloff

An interesting allegorical novella that has as a good metaphorical dig at those who build walls of exclusion around themselves.

Set in a very pious Jewish area of Jerusalem, during 2054, it’s pretty obvious who the author is pointing at and why.   The Jewish state first build walls to separate and defend their country, then it’s walls to separate and defend each town, then each district, then each house, until each person has their very own impregnable, permanent second skin.

Can also be read as a fun little dystopian/cyberpunk thing if you don’t want to think too much.

Currently only available in the anthology, ‘2054’.

Jason’s Page

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2054: An Anthology — Various

Deep Ocean BluesYudhanjaya Wijeratne
The Memory HackerJT Lawrence
Melting ShlemielJason Werbeloff
The CamilleColby R. Rice

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Uprising: An Anthology — Various

It got thrown into my path somewhere along the way and i couldn’t resist that cover.   So i had a look at what it was about and just had to buy it.

12 writers writing 12 stories over 2382 pages is good value for 99p, but the catch is that they’re all prequels or, first books in, a series.   But that’s not too bad as it gives me a cheap way of trying out a few writers that maybe i wouldn’t have done and you never know what you may find.   ‘The Given’ is certainly a gem and i’m really enjoying that series immensely.

Sadly, i don’t think it’s available any more.

The Sigma SurrogateJT Lawrence
The GivenColby R. Rice
HedonJason Werbeloff
The Girl in the CityPhilip Harris
Watcher — AJ Eversley
The Jacq of SpadesPatricia Loofbourrow
The Bottle Stopper — Angeline Trevena
CHEATC0DEMichael Campling
The LegacyMelissa Delport
Chasing Filthy LucreJarrett Rush
Once More Into DarknessD. Michael Withrow
Feed 1 — Nicole Grotepas

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