Dark Journeys – Anthology

Dark Journeys, an anthology.

The GivenColby R. Rice
The TakenColby R. Rice
The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot — Arthur Conan Doyle
Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
The Outsider — Howard Phillips Lovecraft
The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: The Inferno by Dante Alighieri
Dracula — Bram Stoker
The Hound of the Baskervilles — Arthur Conan Doyle
At the Mountains of Madness — Howard Phillips Lovecraft
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 1 by Edgar Allan Poe
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath — Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes — Arthur Conan Doyle

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The Camille — Colby R. Rice

This novella is titled as ‘Til Dolls Do Us Part on Colby’s website and Colby says it is the first episode in what i hope will be a rather long series.

Set in 2054 when nano technology and AI has taken over most things and even the nano technology is intelligent.

As this is a novella don’t expect too much, but it’s certainly a great taster for what may be coming from Colby in the future.   That being said, it can also be read as a stand alone if you’re just wanting something quick to read.

Colby is a great writer and really keeps your attention once you start reading.   Do check out her other books.

Also available in the 2054 anthology.

Colby’s Page

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2054 — Anthology

Deep Ocean BluesYudhanjaya Wijeratne
The Memory HackerJT Lawrence
Melting ShlemielJason Werbeloff
The CamilleColby R. Rice

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The Lock In — Colby R. Rice

The third book of this enthralling series is just as good as the first two.

The Lock In continues where The Taken left off.   Ezekiel has decided which side she needs to be on, but the problem with that idea is that she soon begins to realise that they might have different plans for her, ones that don’t include her being on their side.

So Ezekiel finds herself running on the streets again, but after the bombings everything has changed.   Faust makes an appearance with his minions the Ninkashi, who are all very hungry, and much mayhem, gore and death ensues as more of the story and characters are slowly revealed to us.   And that’s what makes these books so good: they are incredibly action packed, fast paced books, dark and not so pleasant, which contrasts so well with story and character backgrounds — that reveal more of the plot — getting drip fed slowly throughout that action.   So even after 3 books, i’m still not sure what’s really going on, but it really doesn’t matter, because to get here has been an awesome ride.   The destination is somewhere ahead, who cares where, the journey is more than good enough.

There simply isn’t any downtime in these books.   Find a comfy chair or bed and start reading, you may be there for a while.

Colby’s Page

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The Taken — Colby R. Rice

After such a relentless beginning to this series in The Given i did wonder if this book would keep up with the pace: i most certainly wasn’t disappointed.

As i surmised in my review of The Given, more characters and groups were added along the way slowly building even more complexity and depth into the story, our protagonist finally has to decide which group she’s going to join, and all this is done with never a dull moment.

Once again, it’s incredibly well written, fast paced, and just sucks your attention in as it keeps rewarding you by revealing ever more bits and pieces of the story as you go along.

I do admit to not being aware of having read any urban fantasy before.   I kind of got put of the whole genre by the awful stuff TV show stuff.   So it’s really nice to be shown just how good this genre can be when done really well.   The magic system, which Colby calls “Alchemy”, is well put together and certainly works for the story really well, as each group and character seems to have something different to reveal about it as they themselves get revealed within the story.

All there’s left to say is, so far, so very, very good, and its definitely left me wanting a lot more.

I’ve got a few other books to read but i’ll be back soon with The Lock In.

Colby’s Page

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The Given — Colby R. Rice

Wow, that was intense.

The book begins with a car chase trying to retrieve the ‘Final Page’, which has been stolen, but then jumps 2 months forward into the story proper giving no explanation of what the ‘Final Page’ is, who the people were, or what events preceded it.   I believe this is called foreshadowing — someone please correct me if i’m mistaken.   But, whatever the literary device is called it’s certainly done with great effect.   It throws you, head first, straight into the non stop action of this relentless book, which isn’t going to let you off its hook until you get to the end, and even then, it’ll leave you hooked on the next book in the series.

As we leave the enigmatic first chapter and begin to move through the book, more and more is slowly revealed.   The various characters appear, which Colby does a wonderful job bringing to life, and it feels as much a character driven story as a plot driven one.   All the characters are really good and well written.

And as the characters are revealed so is each of the various groups that they belong to within the world of the story.   And then, within each group, sub-groups begin to appear, each with their own rivalries and agendas.

Thrown into the middle all of this is our protagonist, Ezekiel, who, along with her little sister, are simply trying to survive.   But you really get the feeling that the only way of surviving the future that is coming to them is to join one of the many groups.

Getting to the end of the book and looking back: the whole book is mostly setting the stage and introducing the various characters and groups that i presume will be the basis of the story going forward, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s more to be added.   It really is an incredibly complex and diverse dystopian future humanity has found itself in, but’s it’s never too complex to leave you confused — a very fine line that Colby walks incredibly well.

Final thoughts: i’m very much left looking forward to reading The Taken, but i just have a quick novella i pre-ordered and have been eagerly waiting to read to whizz through first.   So yeah, i’ll definitely be back very soon with more of Ezekiel’s world.


Also available in Uprising: 12 Dystopian Futures.

Colby’s Page

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Uprising — Anthology

It got thrown into my path somewhere along the way and i couldn’t resist that cover.   So i had a look at what it was about and just had to buy it.

12 writers writing 12 stories over 2382 pages is good value for 99p, but the catch is that they’re all prequels or, first books in, a series.   But that’s not too bad as it gives me a cheap way of trying out a few writers that maybe i wouldn’t have done and you never know what you may find.   The Given is certainly a gem and i’m really enjoying that series immensely.

Sadly, i don’t think it’s available any more.

The Sigma SurrogateJT Lawrence
The GivenColby R. Rice
HedonJason Werbeloff
The Girl in the CityPhilip Harris
WatcherAJ Eversley
The Jacq of SpadesPatricia Loofbourrow
The Bottle Stopper — Angeline Trevena
CHEATC0DEMichael Campling
The LegacyMelissa Delport
Chasing Filthy LucreJarrett Rush
Once More Into DarknessD. Michael Withrow
Feed 1Nicole Grotepas

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