Pines – Blake Crouch

I started to watch the TV series just because Juliette Lewis was in it.   And then they had the utter gall to kill her off in the third episode… #bunchacunts   I ask you, who the fuck kills Juliette Lewis off?   Don’t they know she’s an immortal goddess?

Oh dear, there ya go, i’ve gone and revealed my actress crush to all and sundry.

So, anyway, i binned watching the TV version and decided to read the books instead — once they get cheap enough.

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Abandon – Blake Crouch

Having totally loved having my head done in by ‘Dark Matter’ i immediately added Blake to my writers list in ‘Bookbub’ and, lo and behold, this popped up as a 99p deal and so the pile grew by one more book.

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Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

Wow!   That was a total head trip and a half.

While i’m not a subscriber to the multiverse theory, that didn’t detract from the story at all.   I was just totally swept along at an amazing pace, i just didn’t want to stop reading.   Every spare moment i had for 2 days had my face glued to my Kindle screen reading this — and that’s quite rare for me as i normally only read at bedtime for an hour or so.   Very unputdownable!

Definitely a must read for anyone who likes good sci-fi — even if just a little bit.   You won’t be disappointed.

Well worth the 99p i got this for as a Kindle deal. 

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#readbooks #lovekindle #bookreviews #books #reading #scifi #blakecrouch #kindleworm