Once Upon a Quest: An Anthology – Various

The third book in this trilogy of anthologies.

West of the Moon — Annie Bellet
A Bell in the Night — Evelyn Snow
Mistress Bootsi — Anthea Sharp
White Rose — Phaedra Weldon
The Goblin and the Treasure — Alethea Kontis
The Ruins of Oz — Alexia Purdy
A Touch of Gold — Rachel Morgan
Magic and Machinery — Jamie Ferguson
Blow Your House Down — Nikki Jefford
Bane and Balm — Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Cat White — Kay McSpadden
King Arthur and the Chalice of Life — Julia Crane
Fear of Falling — Shawntelle Madison
The Merrow’s Golden Ring — Sara C. Roethle
Take My Monsters — C. Gockel

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Once Upon A Kiss: An Anthology – Various

As i had book 1 in this anthology of faerie tales series i couldn’t not buy this when it came up at 99p.

I promise to give some of these stories a go in 2019.

The Glass Mountain — Alethea Kontis
The Bakers Grimm — Hailey Edwards
Galatea and Pygmalion — Kate Danley
Red — Sarra Cannon
Princess Charming — Yasmine Galenorn
Mad About You — Jennifer Blackstream
The Sea King’s Daughter — Anthea Sharp
Romeo and Juliet: The Afterlife — Julia Crane
Soot and Stone — Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
The Huntsman’s Snow — Mandy M. Roth
Rumpelimpskin — Debra Dunbar
The Glass Sky — Alexia Purdy
Rush — C. Gockel
Perchance to Dream — Phaedra Weldon
The Toad Prince — Nikki Jefford
Crafted With a Kiss — Shawntelle Madison
A Small Magic — Devon Monk

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Star Rebels: An Anthology – Various

Another anthology i picked up along the way.

A Tale of Two Ships — Audrey Faye
Carl Sagan’s Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe — C. Gockel
Blood Ties — Christine Pope
Passage Out — Anthea Sharp
Arcturus 5 — D.L. Dunbar
Treason’s Course — L.J. Cohen
FallingPippa DaCosta
Starfall StationLindsay Buroker
Luminescence — Patty Jansen
Glome — James Wells
Unfinished — Kendra C. Highley

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Orphans in the Black: A Space Opera Anthology — Various

An anthology that is no longer available on Kindle.   Luckily, for me, it remains stored in my Kindle account so i can dip into it for a quick short when the mood takes me.

I’m sure you could find a second hand paperback on eBay if you want a copy, or click on the picture to go to the Amazon page and a second hand copy may appear on there also.


A Simple Thing — Amy J. Murphy
Note to SelfJoseph Lallo
Gravitational Pull — Christine Pope
Autoscopy — Matt Verish
Fog of War — Chris Reher
The Alien — Kay McSpadden
No Eye in Emily — Patty Jansen
Void Mage — Chris Fox
Lost Souls and Other Anomalies — Christopher Holliday
Spacer — J.A. Sutherland
Murphy’s Star — C. Gockel
Interference — Michelle Diener
Stowaway — Anthea Sharp
In the Clutch — LJ Cohen
Iron Lazarus — David Adams
Dreams in the Dust — Richard Tongue
Freedom? — M. R. Forbes
Combat Support — Lindsay Buroker
The Last Astronaut — Chris Dietzel

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Once Upon A Curse: An Anthology — Various

I do love a good faerie tale and this looks like it has a few inside.

One day i’ll dip into it and have a little read.

Yarrow, Sturdy and BrightDevon Monk
Fae Horse — Anthea Sharp
The Queen of Frost and Darkness — Christine Pope
Bones — Yasmine Galenorn
Magic After Midnight — C. Gockel
Dance With the Devil — Donna Augustine
No Gift of Words — Annie Bellet
The Grim Brother — Audrey Faye
Beast Inside Beauty — Danielle Monsch
Faescorned — Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Drawn to the Brink — Tara Maya
The Variance Court — Alexia Purdy
The Morrigan — Phaedra Weldon
Alice — Julia Crane
Still Red — Sabrina Locke
The Final Straw — Jennifer Blackstream
The Unicorn Hunter — Alethea Kontis

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Spark — Anthea Sharp

All in all i quite enjoyed the first Feyland trilogy and so i’ll definitely give the second trilogy a good read as soon as i collect them all.

Anthea’s page

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The Twilight Kingdom (Feyland #3) — Anthea Sharp

I quite enjoyed that. As i said about the first book in this trilogy, if you can get over the YA thing and just focus on the Faerie mixed up with VR thing then these books are really good.

As i also said, the worse thing about this trilogy was Tam’s back story and family issues that really detracted from the story in book 1, were a much lesser distraction in book 2 and actually worked with the story in book 3.   But the annoying thing was that in order for them to work with the story in book 3 there really was no need whatsoever to make it such an annoying part of book 1, or to be so depressing about it all.

I think that in these days of publishers cutting costs, editors are doing a worse job than ever. A good editor would have made sure that Tam’s family stuff was tidied up and tied in better with the overall story.   But it is what it is, and the trilogy is still really worth a read if you’re into Faerie stuff and like the idea of the Faerie realm using a super advanced VR system to bridge to our realm.

There is a second trilogy in this series, which i may come back to in the future, but for now i’m having a break and reading some other things.

Anthea’s Page

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The Bright Court (Feyland #2) — Anthea Sharp

Just like the first book in this series, i had to give it 4 stars, and for similar reasons.

While this book didn’t let Tam’s ridiculous family issues interfere with the story line as much as the first book, i kept finding myself bracing myself for another onslaught of it, which thankfully, this time, was kept to a minimum.

It wasn’t until i finished the book that i felt like i could relax and enjoy the story i had just read.   And this was definitely better than the first book.

As i said, Tam’s family issues were kept to a minimum, while the Faerie and VR stuff got turned up a little further with more people entering Feyland.

I’ve just started book 3 and it’s already looking like another great story.

Anthea’s Page

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The Dark Realm (Feyland #1) — Anthea Sharp

I gave this book a go because i got the first 3 books of the series on an Amazon 99p thing and i liked the idea of Faerie being able to bridge through VR.

The good bit was the Faerie and VR stuff, all really well done and really enjoyable.

The not so good bit was the young adult thing, but that is irrelevant if the story is good enough and the young adults protagonists fit well within the story.

The bad bit, and why i only gave this 4 stars, is Tam’s back story.   I really can’t see the need in making his life so utterly depressing with such a total chaos of family life.   This brought nothing to the story and was, at times, a big distraction from it.   It made me think of ‘Ready Player One’ but in that the protagonist’s back story worked with the narrative, whereas in this book it detracts from it as it doesn’t bring anything to the story.

So yeah, 5 out of 5 for the Faerie and VR stuff, but a big 0 out of 5 for the stuff on Tam’s family life.

But well worth a read for anyone interested in folk lore and VR.   Tam’s family life has certainly not put me off diving straight into the second book in the series.

Anthea’s Page

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The First Adventure: Feyland Series Prequel Novella – Anthea Sharp

I was expecting a lot more about Jennet’s history prior to Feyland #1, which is what this book is supposed to be about.   But all it does is gloss over a few things that are already covered in the next 3 books and then when Jennet has her first encounter with the Dark Queen it’s exactly the same, word for word, as the second encounter in Feyland #1.

Basically, if you read this before the first three novels then you’ll spoil those novels — you’ve been warned.   If you do feel like reading it then only read it after you’ve read the novels.

In and of itself, it’s not a bad little book.   It’s just that it doesn’t work with what comes afterwards.   It’s all a bit confusing as to why Anthea published this.

Anthea’s Page

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