Book Reviews
Below are all the books i’ve so far reviewed, which is the same lot that are in the blog section starting on the home page but displayed in a different way.

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Luku Makes a Didgeridoo, written by Kyle Maplesden.
number 9 dream, written by David Mitchell.
Ghostwritten, written by David Mitchell.
Lil and Coop, written by Joseph R Lallo.
Lost Boy, written by Christina Henry.
Chocolat, written by Joanne Harris.
A Child at Heart, written by Christopher Phillips.
Magnificent Devices, books 1 to 4, written by Shelley Adina.
Book of Five Rings, written by Miyamoto Musashi.
Bushido, written by Inazo Nitobe.

The Bone Clocks, written by David Mitchell.
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, written by David Mitchell.
Spice Alchemy, wrtten by Neil Cowling.
The New Inspector, written by Joseph R Lallo.
Orphans in the Black, an anthology written by various writers.
Margaret Ogilvy, written by J M Barrie.
Bridge of Sighs, written by Laura Morelli.
Meadowland, written by John Lewis-Stempel.
Sword of Honour, written by David Kirk.
Temporal Contingency, written by Joseph Lallo.

Black Swan Green, written by David Mitchell.
Cloud Atlas, written by David Mitchell.
Lost For Words, written by Stephanie Butland.
Hannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence, written by Michael Marshall Smith.
The Pants Of Perspective, written by Anna McNuff
Babel 17, written by, Samuel R Delany.
The Gondola Maker, written by Laura Morelli.
The Unwanted, written by Steam Punk.
Child of Vengeance, written by David Kirk.
Big Sigma Collection, Volume 1, written by Joseph Lallo.

Reviews Page 2