Quest: An Anthology – Various

Sadly no longer available, which i think is a very big sad thing, because…

…this is the book that got me started on my Joseph R. Lallo fanboy cult membership path.   I admit that i only ever read that first story and was so captivated by it that i just jumped straight onto the rest of the Deacon books at the time and never got back to this book — only just realised i still had it in my Amazon account.

So, a great little find for me while tidying up my books, but still a little sad that no one else can get a copy anymore.

The Book of DeaconJoseph Lallo
The Emperor’s Edge — Lindsay Buroker
The God Decrees — Mark E. Cooper
Defender — Robert J. Crane
Draykon — Charlotte E. English
Fire & Ice — Patty Jansen
Lost City — Jeffrey Poole
Reversion: The Inevitable Horror — J Thorn

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