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Devon flag.   We’re here and we’re angry!!!
Yes, the ‘People’s Front of Devon’ is your voice against the imperialist might of grokland that has for far too long shovelled it’s imperialist filth into our beautiful country of Devon.
Well we say ‘NO MORE’ to the groks. It’s time to take our country back.
If the groks can have freedom from European rule, then we can have freedom from the grok’s rule – fair is fair, isn’t it!
Devon flag.   Quote of the Week…
Click here to go to the Amazon page of, The Keeper of Lost Things, written by Ruth Hogan.She could still feel the need for physical violence smouldering inside her, stoked rather than soothed by the reaction of that idiot fairy-fart of a headmistress who could barely control a basket of sleeping kittens, let alone a school full of chip-fed, benefits-bred kids, most of whom already believed that the world owed them a council flat, a baby and the latest pair of Nike trainers.
Devon flag.   The ‘Plymouth Policy’ Review — and other imperialist grok things…
Devonport Naval Base, from above.After many weeks of consultation, we, the Defence Committee of the People’s Front of Devon, have finally decided what we’re going to do about Plymouth once we get rid of the shackles of grok rule from this beautiful country of Devon.
Obviously, the groks have made quite an investment into the place and they obviously want to keep it for strategic reasons. Even if they are umming and arring about defence cuts and all the usual nonsense they go on about to stir up some level of political interest amongst middle grokland – f*** middle grokland.
So, rather than allow them to waste all their investment, we, the committee, have decided that we will rent Plymouth back to the groks – or maybe even sell it them, lock, stock and aircraft carriers too.
Of course, it won’t be cheap, and we are willing to consider a long term lease if they so wish. But we, the ‘People’s Front of Devon’ cannot justify having a foreign power’s military based on our precious Homeland. So it either closes completely or they can buy or lease the whole city and build a border around it with a big wall and check points and passports and everything to keep the groks in.
A bit like what they did with the Spanish and Gibralter, but they’ll actually have to pay us some actual money for Plymouth, we ain’t gonna be taken the piss out of like the Spanish have been with the groks getting Gibralter for f*** all, all these centuries. It just ain’t right and we ain’t having it here.
As well as Plymouth we also considered Dartmouth Naval College, and have decided that the groks will just have to leave, because they ain’t gonna be renting Dartmouth off of us, no way, because Dartmouth ain’t a shit hole like Plymouth is and we happen to like the place and it’ll be so much nicer without the imperialist grok’s defence establishment shitting [sic] on their doorstep.
And the same with the commando base at Lympstone. They can move that back to grokland too, bloody imperialist invaders. We’ll keep the base and turn it into something nice, thank you very much – ideas on a postcard to be submitted to Grace for inclusion in the minutes for the next meeting of the Defence Committee.
And the same goes for any other imperialist grok military bases that are situated in our most beautiful country of Devon. Close ’em all and get rid. Not on our doorstep, thank you!!!
And that basiclaly sums up the minutes of the last Defence Committee meeting.
Next week the Health Committee will be presenting it’s quarterly report – should be a good giggle, if nowt else.
Devon flag.   Reader’s Rants…
Angry from Dawlish says…
I’d really like to join your group. How do i do that?
PFoD replies…
Well, firstly, it’s great that you’re angry, we like angry people here at PFoD. Angry people get things done.
Secondly, you have to hate the groks already. And also the Devon People’s Front — splitters!
And the Popular Front of Devon — Splitters!!
And the Popular People’s Front of Devon — Splitters!!!
Other than that, you’re in. Send a postcard with your bank details and we’ll set up a direct debit for you.
Cheers! xx
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Devon People’s Front says…
Oi, we was here first!
PFoD replies…
F*** off, splitters!
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