Perfect — Stephany Brandt

I do enjoy stories about AI’s and such, and having previously enjoyed Stephany’s earlier book, New Caviar, i was looking forward to a good read with Perfect.

Did i find a good read?   Well, if you’re looking for something deep and philosophical concerning humanity’s future with AI’s and AI’s being given legal rights as people, then i think you need to look elsewhere, this isn’t deep.   Essentially, it’s just a love story with the evil corporation thing thrown in to liven things up.

Not that a love story with the evil corporation thing thrown in is a bad thing, it’s actually quite a good story in that regard, but it just has a shallowness to it that i wasn’t looking for, for example:

“I feel sad for him.”   Michael watched JOHN go through the kitchen door and disappear behind the wall.   “He’ll never even know what it’s like to feel something real.”

“Yeah.”   Breanne continued to sound sad.   “He can fuck me like a stallion, but there’s no hugging in his programming.”

Then there’s aliens that appear near the end, but i have no idea what the purpose of introducing aliens into the story was when they don’t even get a mention for most of it.

And the ending is all rather rushed and piecemeal.

Overall, it’s well written and it is an ok read, and it does speak to what i can imagine will be a great many people’s interest in owning and using AI’s in the future: doing the housework and other shit jobs non of us want to do and then transforming into a fully animated sex toy whenever we feel the need to be fucked by a stallion.   I just despair at this shallow side of humanity.

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