Paris By Starlight — Robert Dinsdale

If you’ve enjoyed any of Robert’s previous books then definitely give this a read.

Once again, Robert takes a really challenging, real world issue and wraps it up in wonderful, magical, story telling.   This time we’re taken into the world of war refugees who have travelled thousands of miles to find a new home.

As is usual in the real world, the politicians welcome them and say all the usual things that they’re supposed to say, but in the streets there are those who need to hate and any difference to the Paris they claim as their own will not be tolerated.

As with Robert’s previous stories, we also have the PTSD character, Hayk, who finds enemies around every corner.

This story really takes one into the lives and issues of refugees and asylum seekers, and in some places it can be challenging for anyone with a decent heart.   People, through no fault of their own have their lives torn apart, their homes destroyed, and lose loved ones and friends to the evils of war.   All these people are looking for is a place to be safe and at peace with what remains of their families and friends, something too many of us take for granted.

Well done, Robert.

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