One Good Dragon Deserves Another — Rachel Aaron

Still the same feeling that i was getting with Nice Dragons Finish Last, in that the pacing is still annoying me a bit.   I think it’s totally to do with there being so much going on in these books with so many great characters that sometimes the story takes one away from something that one really doesn’t want to be taken away from, leaving one chomping at the bit to get back to that one character’s story line, thus giving the impression that everything’s suddenly going slow and plodding along when it actually isn’t.   And then, when you find youself back at that one character’s story line you’ve been aching to get to, you’ll more than likely find that you’re now chomping at the bit to get back to another character’s story.

But — guess what — you keep-on-reading-and-a-reading because these books are really, really good with plenty of really, really great characters.

Which, you guessed it, left me chomping at the bit to get started on No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished.

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