Note to Self – Joseph Lallo

ote to Self, written by Joseph R Lallo.This short was only ever available in the ‘Orphans in the Black Anthology’.   I believe that Joseph is going to release it for his Patreon supporters some time in the future.   There may also be some used paperbacks come up on eBay if you’re wanting a copy.

I bought this book over 8 months ago and didn’t realise until 2 days ago that Joseph had a story hidden away in it — so i dived in and read it straight away and totally enjoyed it.

It’s another temporal sci-fi tale, which, like ‘Temporal Contingency’, Joseph does incredibly well — he just seems to have a way of avoiding the mind fucks that most sci-fi writers get you into with this sub-genre.

So it’s been well nice to find this little Lallo bonus book.   And so now it’s back to Peter Pan and Neverland in Lost Boy, written by Christina Henry — another awesome writer.

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