J.S. Morin

J S Morin.

Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws

Salvage Trouble
A Smuggler’s Conscience
Poets and Piracy
To Err is Azrin
Alien Racer
Retro Version
Siege of Mortania
Moon of Odysseus
Adventure Capital
Collusion Course
You, Robot
Stowaway to Heaven
Mission Inadvisable
Moral and Orbital Decay
Planet Hustlers
Eternity or Bust

Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire

Wayward Saint
Behind Blue Skies
House of the Orion Sun
Break the Chain
Sunshine of Your Cult
Walk Like a Magician
Hotel Caledonia
Eye of the Pharaoh
Ship With No Name
No More Mr. Nice Girl
Magic’s Little Helper
Mortanian Rhapsody
The Girls Are Back in Town
Stuck in the Astral with You
Lair of the Dog
Empathy for the Devil

Black Ocean: Astral Prime

Shadow Planet
Wizard Zero
Shielded Sun
Prime Guardian
Systemic Treachery
Astral Messiah
Parallel Enforcers
Multiversal Truth
Void Kraken
Stellar Rampage
Core Threat
Terminal Gambit

Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem

Know When to Run
Low Flyer
The Good Die Young
Lyin’ Guys

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