J.S. Morin

J S Morin.After book 2 of the ‘Black Ocean’ series i got distracted and never got back to it — that means i didn’t think the series was worth anything like the full price for the other 14 books plus the 8 spin offs.   It’s a lot of money that can be spent on much better books that i’d rather be reading.

But, i’ve got J.S. saved in my Bookbub account and i’ll probably add the other 14 books in this series and the other 8 spin offs if they ever appear on rather tempting deals.

So why aren’t these books in the waiting room?   Because i’m not that fussed about it and won’t ever be buying any in the series if they aren’t being offered very cheap.   I’ll read them if i ever get the lot really cheap but other wise they can digitally decay into the ether of Amazon’s server farm for all i care.   Fun, enjoyable reads, but certainly nothing to spend much money on.

Black Ocean

Salvage Trouble
A Smuggler’s Conscience

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