How to Post to Instagram from PC using Firefox

So you want to post to Instagram and you want to post really nice pics and art work that you create on your computer because that’s the best place to do graphics — not on your phone. You want then perfectly 1000x1000px because that’s what Instagram crops at and you want them to look your very best — don’t you? That’s why you want to use your computer to create them but then you can’t post them to Instagram from your computer…. Argh!!!!

Yes, it’s about that annoying thing that Instagram simply won’t make it simple for you to post stuff direct from PC desktop to Instagram, which is why i haven’t used Instagram until recently when i discovered this little trick…

Firstly, you’ll need Firefox – maybe other browsers can do this but i’m using Firefox.

In Firefox add ‘Mobile View Switcher’ extension using the ‘Add-ons’ page that’s under the ‘Tools’ drop down…

showing Firefox browser add-on selection box.

The extension comes set to simulate an overpriced, crappy ‘i’ thing – you can leave it like that if you want or simply change the user-agent string on the extension options page to this… Mozilla/5.0 (Android 7.0; Mobile; rv:54.0) Gecko/54.0 Firefox/54.0, which will make it simulate an Android 7 phone…

showing mobile stictcher add on set up window.

Then open Instagram in a Firefox tab and click on the ‘Mobile View Switcher’ extension thing on the right side of the toolbar (looks like a little phone)…

showing Firefox browser mobile switcher selection box.

Simply clicking on the little phone symbol activates the mobile view of whatever webpage you have open in that tab – including Instagram. Clicking it again puts it back to web view.

So now you can upload to Instagram like it’s a mobile phone – because essentially you just turned that tab into one.

If there’s any of this that needs making clearer or easier to understand, or you’re having issues with it, then please contact me and i’ll try my best to help and make this page a little better at the same time.

Thanks, and have fun with posting from PC to Instagram.