Heart of the Colossus — Nicole Grotepas

Well the good news is that all the missing words that plagued the first two books appear to have been dealt with in this book: i only noticed a couple.   There were a few other typos, but compared to the first two books this one was far, far better edited.

The story is much the same, with our usual gang of protagonists going back to save all the children they couldn’t save last time.   The problem is that while in the first couple of books you can just about suspend belief that a newbie gang can take on some extremely well established gangsters and manage to get away with it simply due to luck and being somewhat under the radar, as the story goes on this becomes much less believable and the most serious, dangerous and established organised crime gang in the solar system is portrayed as a bunch of amateurs who are incapable of shooting a gun straight.

It’s very obvious that the Shadow Coalition is now fully aware of who Holly Drake is, where she is, and that she’s a threat, because they keep sending hit men and women to kill her.   Yet, we are given that the foremost criminal enterprise in the solar system — that everyone is wary of because they’re so organised, ruthless and dangerous — can’t manage to kill one single woman who is terrified of shooting a gun in anyone’s general direction.

And still no steampunk, at all, whatsoever.

Ho hum.

I may as well finish the last book and see how it all ends.   Not very recommendable so far though.

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