Great Wall of Mars — Alastair Reynolds

Great Wall of Mars, written by Alastair Reynolds.And so begins the super long binge read of the Revelation Space Universe.   Yippee, all being well we’re going through the whole lot in chronological order.

Well it started off well, even excusing it for being one of those worn-out sci-fi tropes of Earthers v Mars.   But this has an interesting twist in it, in that the Martians have become conjoined by the nano things that they’ve infested themselves with and now think with a hive mind.   Of course, the conservatives from Earth won’t accept this new spin on Humanity.

Superbly well written and non-stop fast paced action all the way through.

Really looking forward to getting straight into Glacial.

This book is available in the collections, Galactic North and Beyond the Aquila Rift.

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