goodreads: 2018 Reading Challenge

For 2018 i joined in the reading challenge at goodreads, and i think i did rather well.

A few of those books that only counted as one were far more than one book.

Magnificent Devices was 4 books.   So that’s plus 3 on the total.

Big Sigma was 3 books and 3 shorts, but i’d already done Bypass Gemini.   So counting the 3 shorts as 1 book, that’s plus 2 on the total.

Free Wrench was 3 books.   So that’s plus 2 on the total.

So add those 8 and i get a grand total of 70 books in one year — which looks a little better than 62.

Plus there were a few random shorts that never made it to goodreads, but i won’t be too pedantic about it and leave them out.

Or, maybe i am already being too pedantic about it?   But hey, in my defence, if i’d added and reviewed each of those books seperately that’s where it would have been.   So think me a pedant if you like, i don’t care, so there!

Anyways, while you’re here, why not have a quick look at my page about goodreads for my thoughts about them and maybe sign up yourself for the 2019 challenge.

As for myself, for 2019 i’m gonna go with this years revised total of 70 and make sure i review any collections independently.

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