Ghostwritten – David Mitchell

David Mitchell’s first book, and what a masterpiece of a short story collection it is.

I’ve now got ‘Number9Dream’, also by David, lined up, then i plan to read the rest of David’s books in order and when David’s added a few more to the pile i’ll definitely be coming back to re-read them all over again from the beginning.

I’m definitely a huge fan of David’s writing and can truly see why he’s been shortlisted with two books for the Booker Prize already and has won other awards for his writing also.

David’s page.

The following is a little bit of a spoiler, and if you are definitely going to read the book, then do that before reading the rest of this post as you’ll spoil it.

<<<<< SPOILER BELOW >>>>>


In a similar way to ‘Cloud Atlas’ each short story is subtly interconnected as you move from one to the next. But whereas in ‘Cloud Atlas’, where each story is a jump through time, in ‘Ghostwritten’ one is left with this weird feeling of the oddest synchronicity.

The image i’m left with in my head after reading this book is that of the never ending stairs…

Never ending staircase optical illusion.It really is an incredible piece of writing and a wonderful use of short stories. I do plan to read it again, so i’ll update this post if i have a different idea of it after a second reading as i’ll already know where i’ll end up when i start the book so it’ll be a whole different experience — ergo my spoiler alert.

So have a read and see what you think at the end – or maybe that should be ‘when you get back to the beginning’.

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