Elysium Fire — Alastair Reynolds

What’s odd about this book is that it starts with an explanation of Yellowstone and the Glitter Band which would have been much better placed before Aurora Rising — which the lack thereof was my one and only absolute criticism of that book.   It’s a bit late to put the info dump that one needs in the first Prefect Dreyfus book at the front of the second Prefect Dreyfus book.

Anyway, that aside, this is a superb book that totally builds on Aurora Rising, with all our favourite characters, good and bad, and some new ones too.   And it’s huge too, so huge but so unputdownable that i kept skipping my evening meditation session to keep reading this for a while longer and then staying awake a little past sleepy time too.

Excellently written, excellent characters, just excellent all round.

And up next it’s Diamond Dogs.

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