Downbelow Station – C. J. Cherryh

I’m currently looking for a book that i read way back in the long ago when i was rather youthful: this is an attempt to find that book.

Sadly, it’s still not been made available on Kindle.   It seems odd to me that publishers still aren’t using Kindle for all their books, for the one off cost of producing the digitised formats there’s a world of ebook readers to reach (not just Kindle ones).   Maybe they just haven’t got around to this yet, or maybe they’re waiting for the 40th anniversary edition to bring out the digitial one (that’s 2021)?   Ebooks weren’t a huge thing back in 2011 on the 30th anniversary so i can understand them not bothering then.

In the meanwhile, this is my actual real world ‘To Read’ pile which consists of just this one book: yes i wanted to read it that much.

C. J. Cherryh’s Page

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