Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? – Philip K. Dick

The book that inspired the film ‘Blade Runner’.

I have a secret love affair with both the film and book and watch them alternatively about a year or so apart. Each time there’s always something new to find. The book is more about what it means to be real, whereas the film is more about what it means to be human, or myself, so quite different in perspective yet they bounce incredibly well off each other. I’ve never found any other book/film combination that works so well together, probably because Ridley Scott didn’t try to copy the book but made something entirely different out of it that complements it so incredibly well.

As with some other books in the ‘To Read’ folder, i wasn’t writing reviews the last time i read it, and even though i read it lots of times i want it to be freshly read when i do get around to writing a review.

And it’s definitely the book’s turn next as i watched the film about a year ago.

Philip’s page.

I have since discovered this old review that i wrote years ago…

For those of you who don’t know, this is the book that was the inspiration for the film ‘Bladerunner’.

There’s not many books that have been made into films that actually make the film better by reading them, and also are made better by watching the film. As long as one takes ones time to understand what each are truly saying.

I think, at least for me, the idea being looked at in the book is… ‘What does it mean to be real?’ Whereas the idea in the film is… ‘What does it mean to be human?’

Both are great and brilliantly presented.

So one does have to ask, what does it mean to be real? Real what? Am i a real man or a real woman? Do i have to be either? Do i have to be real at all? What is real these days?

Sometimes the facsimile can be just as good as the real thing, sometimes it can be better. A really good facsimile in my local art gallery of a painting that’s locked away in some rich collector’s private collection is, in my opinion, far better than the original. What use an original painting that no one ever gets to see? Would most people even be able to tell the difference between a genuine Van Gogh or a really good facsimile? No they wouldn’t. They’re told that they’re looking at the real thing by people they trust and they believe it and enjoy the experience.

I suppose some people might get upset at a woman they go home with who turns out to have a penis, like Stephen Rea’s character in The Crying Game. “She’s not real!” They shout in horror!!! So what, up to that point you really wanted to have sex with this person, so what’s changed? Enjoy the penis, you may find the change from your usual, boring, sex will be a lot more interesting and fun. 

Philip’s Page

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