Perfume – Patrick Süskind

A friend of mine was reading this years ago and told me it was Kurt Cobain’s favourite book.   So i went and bought a paper back to see what the fuss was about and i would certainly say that it is an excellent book.   So far i’ve read it twice in paperback.

So why’s it in ‘The Boneyard’?   Because it came up on a Kindle Deal for 99p, so i grabbed it while it was cheap.   And as much as i certainly intend to get around to throwing it back onto ‘The Pile’ and reading it again one day, i just have too many other books i want to read before this.

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Quarantine – Jim Crace

At last, a Jesus story that’s actually well written, captivating, and isn’t ‘pretending’ to be historical fact.   A good one for all you baby Jesus fans at lent, me thinks.

Will definitely give it a re-read sometime and write a proper review.

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She Wore Only White – Dörthe Binkert

I have no idea why i bought this book, as at a glance it appears completely outside of my normal reading spectrum.

Based around a true story, which is always a good grounder for any story.   I may have to give it another read sometime and do a real review of it.   In the meanwhile though, don’t let my lack of review put you off, it’s well worth a read.   In fact, i enjoyed it so much that i bought Dörthe’s second book ‘Portrait of a Girl’ and happily added it to ‘The Pile’.

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Life Of Pi – Yann Martel

What an utter mess the film made of this incredible book.

I’m not sure i’ve ever been hit by such a powerful and moving ending in any book i’ve ever read as much as the one in this. I’m ever so glad i didn’t watch that crappy film first, it would have totally ruined the book experience.

If you consider what people thought of the nazis turning books into flame and smoke, then what should we think of people who take great literature and turn it into 2 dimensional shit?

I’ll write a proper review of this book when i re-read it in a few years time — i need to let my experience of the film get washed out good and proper before i go back to the book.

I do hope the people that made that 2 dimensional shit out of this wonderful book come across this page…

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Visions of Distant Shores – Andre Norton

Another book in my stash found while tidying up at Amazon. 

A great collection of 7 sci-fi stories which i’m reading through occasionally.

Storm Over Warlock
Star Born
Star Hunter
Plague Ship
Voodoo Planet
The Gifts of Asti
The People of the Crater

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