Obsidian Worlds — Jason Werbeloff

I only recently discovered Jason’s writing and i have to say that i’m really enjoying it.

Obsidian Worlds is a whole book full of short stories about random sci-fi things which i chose to read as inbetweenies between chapters of How Emotions Are Made.   It worked out really well giving nice little breaks to allow Lisa’s cutting edge science to percolate through my synapses, although, unfortunately, there aren’t enough shorts in this collection to cover all the chapters in Lisa’s book.   Ho hum, i’ll just have to find some other shorts to read.

So yeah, Jason has a Phd in philosophy and i think that kinda adds a certain flavour to Jason’s sci-fi, and i do like philosophers who chose to write stories instead of academic papers — much more fun for all of us.

Other philosophers who write stories that i recommend would be Aldous Huxley and Pascal Mercier.

Jason’s Page

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The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories — Ken Liu

A wonderful, thought provoking collection of short stories from someone who knows how to write short stories.   All i have to say about it is … just read it.

I’m practising keeping my reviews succinct and to the point: i think i’ve got that mastered!

Well worth the 5 star rating i gave it on goodreads.

Ken’s Page

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