Future Tides — Christopher Ruz

They Trade In Eyes

No Exit


The Hard Sell

The Aliens Came Alphabetically

Never Old Enough To Know

The Ant Tower


Back To Civilisation

The King

Front Page Caption

Eight Ways From Tomorrow

An Unknown Hunger

The Last Broadcast

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What You Bring Back

Black Rain

Long Way Home

Hercule And The Doctor They Trade In Eyes

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Angels and Visitations — Neil Gaiman

The Song of the Audience

1992 – Chivalry

1990 – Nicholas Was…

1990 – Babycakes

1993 – Troll Bridge

1989 – Vampire Sestina

1990 – Webs

1988 – Six to Six

1989 – A Prologue

1990 – Foreign Parts

1990 – Cold Colours

Luther’s Villanelle

The Mouse

1984 – The Case Of The Four And Twenty Blackbirds

1990 – Virus

1985 – Looking For The Girl

Post-Mortem on Our Love

Being an Experiment Upon Strictly Scientific Lines

1989 – We Can Get Them For You Wholesale

1992 – Murder Mysteries

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Smoke and Mirrors — Neil Gaiman

1997 – Reading The Entrails: A Rondel

The Wedding Present

1997 – The Price

1995 – Don’t Ask Jack

1996 – The Goldfish Pool And Other Stories

1996 – Eaten

1995 – The White Road

1995 – Queen Of Knives


1997 – The Daughter Of Owls

1998 – Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar

1990 – Virus

1985 – Looking For The Girl

1994 – Only The End Of The World Again

Bay Wolf

1998 – Fifteen Painted Cards From A Vampire Tarot

1989 – We Can Get Them For You Wholesale

1994 – One Life, Furnished In Early Moorcock

1996 – The Sweeper Of Dreams

1993 – Mouse

1995 – The Sea Change

1998 – How Do You Think It Feels

When We Went To See The End Of The World by Dawnie Morningside, Age 11 1/4

Desert Wind

1998 – Tastings

1992 – Murder Mysteries

1995 – Snow, Glass, Apples

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Trigger Warning — Neil Gaiman

2011 – Making A Chair

2013 – A Lunar Labyrinth

2010 – The Thing About Cassandra

2013 – Down To A Sunless Sea

2010 – The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains…

2010 – My Last Landlady

2012 – Adventure Story

2008 – Orange

2013 – A Calendar Of Tales

2011 – The Case Of Death And Honey

2012 – The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury

2007 – Jerusalem

2013 – Click-Clack The Rattlebag

2009 – An Invocation Of Incuriosity

2013 – And Weep, Like Alexander

2013 – Nothing O’Clock

2009 – Diamonds And Pearls: A Fairy Tale

2004 – The Return Of The Thin White Duke

2007 – Feminine Endings

2009 – Observing The Formalities

2013 – The Sleeper And The Spindle

2012 – Witch Work

2011 – In Relig Odhráin

Black Dog

The third book in the American Gods series.

Another good, little novella, very much in the similar to The Monarch of the Glen, with Shadow getting himself caught up in things uncanny and folklore-ish once again.

Yes folks, it’s just more of that really good Neil Gaiman writing.

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Bad Dirt — Annie Proulx

The Hellhole

The Indian Wars Refought

The Trickle Down Effect

What Kind of Furniture Would Jesus Pick?

The Old Badger Game

Man Crawling Out of Trees

The Contest

The Wamsutter Wolf

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Fine Just the Way It Is — Annie Proulx

Family Man

I’ve Always Loved This Place

Them Old Cowboy Songs

The Sagebrush Kid


Swamp Mischief

Testimony of the Donkey

Tits-Up in a ditch

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Close Range — Annie Proulx

The Half-Skinned Steer

The Mud Below

Job History

The Blood Bay

People in Hell Just Want a Drink of Water

The Bunchgrass Edge of the World

Pair a Spurs

A Lonely Coast

The Governors of Wyoming

55 Miles to the Gas Pump

Brokeback Mountain

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Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick — Philip K. Dick

Beyond Lies the Wub
Second Variety
The King of the Elves
Adjustment Team
Foster, You’re Dead!
Upon the Dull Earth
The Minority Report
The Days of Perky Pat
Precious Artifact
A Game of Unchance
We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
Faith of Our Fathers
The Electric Ant
A Little Something for Us Tempunauts
The Exit Door Leads In
Rautavaara’s Case
I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon

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