The Dragon — Yevgeny Zamyatin

A Provincial Tale – 1912
The Dragon – 1918
The Protectress of Sinners – 1918
Two Tales for Grown-up Children
The Church of God – 1922
The Ivans – 1922
The North – 1918
The Cave – 1920
The Healing of the Novice Erasmus – 1920
In Old Russia – 1923
A Story About the Most Important Thing – 1923
The Miracle of Ash Wednesday – 1924
X – 1926
Comrade Churygin Has the Floor – 1926
The Flood – 1929
The Lion – 1935

Yevgeny’s Page

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The Complete Fairy Tales — Charles Perrault

Tales in Verse

The History of Griselda
Letter to M…., on sending him The History of Griselda
Three Silly Wishes


Stories or Tales of Bygone Times, with their Morals

To Mademoiselle
The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood
Little Red Riding-Hood
Puss in Boots
The Fairies
Ricky the Tuft
Hop o’ my Thumb
Appendix A: Selected Tales related to Perrault’s Contes
Appendix B: Early Versions of the last part of Sleeping Beauty and of The Fairies
Explanatory Notes


Charles’ Page

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