The Great Convergence – Joseph R. Lallo

The sixth book in ‘The Book of Deacon’ series follows the travels of The Chosen and their getting to know each other a bit better.

Joseph has created a set of heroes, The Chosen, for this story that are everything but a cohesive unit working towards a singular goal, and, at times, this can become rather frustrating and annoying.   I just wanted them to sort their shit out and get on with it, but they just keep pulling in opposite directions with their own agendas being more important than the goal the gods set for them.   And the end result of my frustration and annoyance is i end up liking and admiring The Generals more than i do The Chosen.

So far this has been the strangest book of the series.   Whereas ‘The Book of Deacon’ was exploring how magic works within this series, this book is mostly spent with The Chosen learning to fight, both individually and together.   And i’m not a big fan of lots of fighting, so i can’t say it all worked for me.

But, lots of buts, i suppose this was inevitable.   You take a bunch of people, some who don’t want to be heroes and some who do, and throw them together for a goal that some don’t care about and some do, and you’re going to have chaos for a while.   And this is what this book is really for: bringing together these conflicts, internal and external, of our heroes and attempting to get them resolved before the big day ahead.   Will they all be resolved?   Will all our heroes survive?   You’ll just have to read it and find out.

One more thing about this book.   The war between the Northern Alliance and Tressor has been going on for well over 100 years, continuously, and i kept on feeling that this book had a lot to say about war and the reasons we fight it…

“Peace is preferable to war.   If defeat is the price, I am now willing to pay it,” the king stated solemnly.

“You claim to care for your people, yet you would sacrifice their freedom with victory so nearly at hand,” Bagu scolded.

“Their freedom was not mine to sacrifice, nor was it theirs.   Their forefathers and mine gave it to the war long ago, and the war has been given to you,” said the king.

“Remember this, Your Majesty.   Your continued power is an illusion for the benefit of your people.   The only true power lies in the hand that wields the sword,” warned the general.

With that he returned to his lair.   The defeated king sat in silence.

Food for thought there.

Also available in ‘The Book of Deacon Anthology’.

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Perfume – Patrick Süskind

A friend of mine was reading this years ago and told me it was Kurt Cobain’s favourite book.   So i went and bought a paper back to see what the fuss was about and i would certainly say that it is an excellent book.   So far i’ve read it twice in paperback.

So why’s it in ‘The Boneyard’?   Because it came up on a Kindle Deal for 99p, so i grabbed it while it was cheap.   And as much as i certainly intend to get around to throwing it back onto ‘The Pile’ and reading it again one day, i just have too many other books i want to read before this.

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Once Upon a Quest: An Anthology – Various

The third book in this trilogy of anthologies.

West of the Moon — Annie Bellet
A Bell in the Night — Evelyn Snow
Mistress Bootsi — Anthea Sharp
White Rose — Phaedra Weldon
The Goblin and the Treasure — Alethea Kontis
The Ruins of Oz — Alexia Purdy
A Touch of Gold — Rachel Morgan
Magic and Machinery — Jamie Ferguson
Blow Your House Down — Nikki Jefford
Bane and Balm — Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Cat White — Kay McSpadden
King Arthur and the Chalice of Life — Julia Crane
Fear of Falling — Shawntelle Madison
The Merrow’s Golden Ring — Sara C. Roethle
Take My Monsters — C. Gockel

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The Book of Deacon – Joseph R. Lallo

Although this is the fifth book in ‘The Book of Deacon’ series, this is where the story truly begins.

In this book we follow the journey of a young woman, Myranda, as she gets all mixed up in the game between The Chosen and the D’Karon: and it’s quite a journey.

It’s also a bit of an info dump, in that this is where we learn, through Myranda’s journey, how magic works in this world.   But it’s not a tedious info dump, the info is blended seamlessly into the story and everything just flows along at a really good pace and you never get any down time.

And we also end up back at Entwell during this story and discover what became of our sweet little fairy Ayna, and also get to know a few more of the characters there: which is always good.   There’s even a cute little baby dragon, and we all like dragons, especially cute little baby ones.   Joseph always throws a cute little beasty thing into his stories and they do make for a lot of fun.

Final thoughts… This is my second reading of ‘The Book of Deacon Anthology’ and it’s actually better than i remember it.   It really is one of the best fantasy series out there IMHO.   If you like fantasy, or are fantasy curious, then this series is a great one to read.

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All the Retros at the New Cotton Club – DeAnna Knippling

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