The Things My Mother Left Me — P. Djèlí Clark

The Things My Mother Left Me, written by P. Djèlí Clark.More great fantasy story telling from Djèlí.   And i’m definitely looking to return to this issue of Fantasy magazine once i’ve got done reading the rest of Djèlí’s books.

This is available in the periodical, Fantasy Magazine — Issue 60.

Next up in my P. Djèlí Clark reading festival will be The Angel of Khan el-Khalili, which i seem to remember reading is just an excerpt from A Dead Djinn in Cairo.   Which i’ll be perfectly happy reading again anyway, so who cares anyway?

P. Djèlí Clark’s Page

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Current Fiction Reading

A Practical Guide to Conquering the World — K. J. Parker

The third instalment in The Siege.   This first two thirds of the trilogy were excellent, this book has a lot to live up to.

K. J. Parker’s Page Tom Holt’s Page

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With a Golden Risha — P. Djèlí Clark

With a Golden Risha, written by P Djèlí Clark.Available in the periodical, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly — Issue 23.

To begin, a risha is to an Arabian oud as a plectrum is to a guitar.   If you want to know more you can read all about ouds and rishas by clicking here.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get to a review.

Great book.   This is early Djèlí introducing steampunk elements into his fantasy.   Our story begins with our oud player, Saleh, getting rescued by a philosopher pirate (captain who’s not a captain), Usman, and the rest of the crew of the airship The Beggar.   Then we’re off on a 537-kindle-loc-point adventure to find treasure, amongst which is a magical golden risha with which Saleh gets to play his oud.

I really enjoyed this book and hopefully, one fine day in the future, Djèlí might even sit down and write some more stories with Saleh and Usman.   There’s got to be some great stories to be told about a philosopher pirate captain and his side-kick minstrel oud player.

And so, next up in my Djèlí reading list will be The Things My Mother Left Me

P. Djèlí Clark’s Page

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What the Sea Wants — P. Djèlí Clark

What the Sea Wants, written by P Djèlí Clark.Available in Daily Science Fiction – Oct 2012.

This one fits in my Mermaids, Selkies, Sirens and Other Mythical Sea Folk collection.

Although it’s a very short short-story, it’s still a good modern fairy tale about one of those “Other Mythical Sea Folk”.

Beware the sea!

Next up in my Djèlí reading list is With a Golden Risha.

P. Djèlí Clark’s Page

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Mech: Age of Steel — Anthology

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Toy Soldier — James Swallow
Travailiant — Kevin J. Anderson and David Boop
Easy as Pie — Jody Lynn Nye
Theseus IV vs Mecha-Mishipeshu — C. L. Werner
Jägermeister — J.C. Koch
The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey — Shawn Speakman
After the Victory — M L Brennan
The Cold and the Dark — James R. Tuck
Of the Fire — Paul Genesse
Machine Heart — Patrick M. Tracy
Fadem — Anton Strout
I. Am. The. Pilot — Jason M. Hough and Ramez Naam
Vulture Patrol — Jennifer Brozek
Integration — Steve Diamond
Here We Go! Fight! — Kane Gilmour
Lady and the Wolf — Scott Sigler
The Stars Shine Home — Mallory Reaves
The Bonus Situation — Jeff Somers
A Single Feather — Marsheila Rockwell and Jeffrey J Mariotte
Birthright — Martha Wells
Rogue 57 — Jeremy Robinson
All For One — Mark Teppo
Ordo Talos — Graham McNeill

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