The Portable Twentieth-Century Russian Reader — Anthology

Leo Tolstoy — Alyosha the Pot
Anton Chekhov — The Bishop
Maxim Gorky — Recollections of Leo Tolstoy
Ivan Bunin — Light Breathing
Nadezhda Teffi — Time
Alexander Blok — A Girl Was Singing
Alexander Blok — The Stranger
Andrei Bely — From Petersburg
Evgeni Zamyatin — The Cave
Velimir Kblebnikov — Nikolai
Anna Akhmatova — Dante
Anna Akhmatova — Courage
Andrei Platonov — The Potudan River
Boris Pasternak — Varykino (from Dr. Zhivago)
Boris Pasternak — Hamlet (from Dr. Zhivago)
Boris Pasternak — March (from Dr. Zhivago)
Osip Mandelstam — Throdosia
Osip Mandelstam — The Admiralty
Osip Mandelstam — Leningrad
Osip Mandelstam — The Last Supper
Mikhail Bulgakov — From The Master And Margarita
Isaac Babel — My First Goose
Isaac Babel — How It Was Done In Odessa
Isaac Babel — My First Fee
Mikhail Zoshchenko — Bees and People
Mikhail Zoshchenko — From Before Sunrise
Yuri Olesha — Envy
Vladimir Nabokov — The Return of Chorb
Vladimir Nabokov — The Visit to the Museum
Nadezhda Mandelstam — A May Night (from Hope against Hope)
Nadezhda Mandelstam — Last Letter (from Hope Abandoned)
Daniil Kharms — Anecdotes About Pushkin’s Life
Daniil Kharms — The Connection
Varlam Shalamov — Prosthetic Appliances (from Kolyma Tales)
Varlam Shalamov — A Child’s Drawings (from Kolyma Tales)
Varlam Shalamov — Lend-Lease (from Kolyma Tales)
Alexander Solzhenitsyn — Matryona’s Home
Andrei Sinyavsky — Pkhentz
Yuri Kazakov — Adam and Eve
Georgi Vladimov — From Faithful Ruslan
Vladimir Voinovich — A Circle of Friends – (A Not Particularly Reliable Tale concerning a Certain Historic Get-together)
Sasha Sokolov — From A School for Fools

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Best of British Science Fiction 2016 — Anthology

All stories © 2016.

Arrested Development — Joanne Hall
Ten Love Songs to Change the World — Peter F. Hamilton
Beyond the Heliopause — Eric Brown and Keith Brooke
The Seventh Gamer — Gwyneth Jones
Dream-Hunter — Nick Wood
Shooting the Messenger — Robert Bagnall
The Lightship — Neil Davies
Ana — Liam Hogan
Liberty Bird — Jaine Fenn
Joined — Sarah L. Byrne
Heinrich Himmler in the Barcelona Hallucination Cell — Ian Watson
Taking Flight — Una McCormack
People, Places and Things — Den Patrick
Staunch — Paul Graham Raven
Between Nine and Eleven — Adam Roberts
Ajdenia — Natalia Theodoridou
To Catch a Comet — Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
How to Grow Silence from Seed — Tricia Sullivan
The Apologists — Tade Thompson
Montpellier — Ian Whates
Foreign Bodies — Neil Williamson
The 10 Second War — Michael Brookes
Possible Side Effects — Adam Connors
Front Row Seat to the End of the World — E.J. Swift

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Solaris Rising 1 — Anthology

All stories © 2011.

A Smart Well-Mannered Uprising of the Dead — Ian McDonald
The Incredible Exploding Man — Dave Hutchinson
Sweet Spots — Paul di Filippo
The Best Science Fiction of the Year Three — Ken MacLeod
The One that Got Away — Tricia Sullivan
Rock Day — Stephen Baxter
Eluna — Stephen Palmer
Shall I Tell You the Problem with Time Travel? — Adam Roberts
The Lives and Deaths of Che Guevara — Lavie Tidhar
Steel Lake — Jack Skillingstead
Mooncakes — Mike Resnick and Laurie Tom
At Play in the Fields — Steve Rasnic Tem
How We Came Back from Mars — Ian Watson
You Never Know — Pat Cadigan
Yestermorrow — Richard Salter
Dreaming Towers, Silent Mansions — Jaine Fenn
Eternity’s Children — Keith Brooke and Eric Brown
For the AgesAlastair Reynolds
Return of the Mutant Worms — Peter F. Hamilton

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New Worlds 1 — Anthology

The Emperor’s New Reality — Pat Cadigan
Ferryman — Eric Brown
Great Western — Kim Newman
The White Stuff — Peter F. HamiltonGraham Joyce
A Night on the Town — Noel K. Hannan
Death, Shit, Love, Transfiguration — Brian W. Aldiss
The Pact — Andrew Stephenson
Heart of Whitenesse — Howard Waldrop
A Day Without Dad — Ian Watson
Attack of the Charlie Chaplins — Garry Kilworth
For Life — Christine Manby
A Night on Bare Mountain — Graham Charnock
Londonbone — Michael Moorcock
Thirteen Views of a Cardboard City — William Gibson

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New Worlds 4 — Anthology

Harringay — Graham Charnock
And the Poor Get Children — Lisa Tuttle
Legitimate Targets — Ian McDonald
Nerves of Steel — Garry Kilworth
Love in Backspace — Barrington J. Bayley
The Last Phallic Symbol — Elizabeth Sourbut
The Fleshpots of Luna — Matthew Dickens
Starlight Dreamer — Peter F. Hamilton
Free States — Michael Moorcock
The Charisma Trees — Robert Holdstock
Inside Outside — David Langford
The Final Word — Michael Moorcock

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In Dreams — Anthology

Planet Rock (Don’t Stop) — Charles Shaar Murray
Fat Tuesday — Ian McDonald
The Discovery of Running Bare — Jonathan Carroll
Night Shift Sister — Nicholas Royle
Worthless — Greg Egan
Nyro Fiddles — F. Paul Wilson
Thrumm — Steve Rasnic Tem
Digital to AnalogueAlastair Reynolds
Sticks — Lewis Shiner
The Elvis National Theatre of Okinawa — Jonathan Lethem and Lukas Jaeger
Candy Comes Back — Colin Greenland
Honey, I’m Home! — Lisa Tuttle
The Reflection Once Removed — Scott Bradfield
Life in the Groove — Ian Watson
Black Day at Bad Rock — Christopher Fowler
Riders on the Storm — Mark Timlin
The Shiny Surface — Don Webb
Weep for the Moon — Stephen Baxter
The Man Who Shot Anarchy Gordon — Ray Davis
Don’t Leave Me — Barrington J. Bayley
Falling StonesPeter F. Hamilton
Changes — Andrew Weiner
Wunderkindergarten — Marc Laidlaw
Bold as LoveGwyneth Jones
Blues for a Dying Breed — Cliff Burns
Last Rising Sun — Graham Joyce
Reed John-Paul Forever — Steve Antczak
Snodgrass — Ian R. MacLeod

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The Chronicles of Harris Burdick — Anthology

Introduction — Lemony Snicket
Archie Smith, Boy Wonder — Tabitha King
Under the Rug — Jon Scieszka
A Strange Day in July — Sherman Alexie
Missing in Venice — Gregory Maguire
Another Place, Another Time — Cory Doctorow
Uninvited Guests — Jules Feiffer
The Harp — Linda Sue Park
Mr. Linden’s Library — Walter Dean Myers
The Seven Chairs — Lois Lowry
The Third-Floor Bedroom — Kate DiCamillo
Just Desert — M. T. Anderson
Captain Tory — Louis Sachar
Oscar and Alphonse — Chris Van Allsburg
The House on Maple Street — Stephen King
Original Introduction to The Mysteries of Harris Burdick — Chris Van Allsburg

Cory’s Page

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Steampunk! — Anthology

Some Fortunate Future Day — Cassandra Clare
The Last Ride of the Glory Girls — Libba Bray
Clockwork FaginCory Doctorow
Seven Days Beset by Demons — Shawn Cheng
Hand in Glove — Ysabeau S. Wilce
The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor — Delia Sherman
Gethsemane — Elizabeth Knox
The Summer People — Kelly Link
Peace in Our Time — Garth Nix
Nowhere Fast — Christopher Rowe
Finishing School — Kathleen Jennings
Steam Girl — Dylan Horrocks
Everything Amiable and Obliging — Holly Black
The Oracle Engine — M. T. Anderson

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Mech: Age of Steel — Anthology

Projekt: Maria — Peter Clines
All Together, Now — Ramez Naam and Jason M. Hough
Toy Soldier — James Swallow
Travailiant — Kevin J. Anderson and David Boop
Easy as Pie — Jody Lynn Nye
Theseus IV vs Mecha-Mishipeshu — C. L. Werner
Jägermeister — J.C. Koch
The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey — Shawn Speakman
After the Victory — M L Brennan
The Cold and the Dark — James R. Tuck
Of the Fire — Paul Genesse
Machine Heart — Patrick M. Tracy
Fadem — Anton Strout
I. Am. The. Pilot — Jason M. Hough and Ramez Naam
Vulture Patrol — Jennifer Brozek
Integration — Steve Diamond
Here We Go! Fight! — Kane Gilmour
Lady and the Wolf — Scott Sigler
The Stars Shine Home — Mallory Reaves
The Bonus Situation — Jeff Somers
A Single Feather — Marsheila Rockwell and Jeffrey J Mariotte
Birthright — Martha Wells
Rogue 57 — Jeremy Robinson
All For One — Mark Teppo
Ordo Talos — Graham McNeill

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The Gods of HP Lovecraft — Anthology

Call the Name • [Cthulhu] — Adam LG Nevill
The Dark Gates • [Yog-Sothoth] — Martha Wells
We Smoke the Northern Lights • [Azathoth] — Laird Barron
Petohtalrayn • [Nyarlathotep] — Bentley Little
The Doors that Never Close and the Doors that Are Always Open • [Shub-Niggurath] — David Liss
The Apotheosis of a Rodeo Clown • [Tsathoggua] — Brett J. Talley
Rattled • [Yig] — Douglas Wynne
In Their Presence • [The Mi-Go] — Christopher Golden & James A. Moore
Dream a Little Dream of Me • [Nightgaunts] — Jonathan Maberry
In the Mad Mountains • [Elder Things] — Joe R. Lansdale
A Dying of the Light • [Great Race of Yith] — Rachel Caine
Down, Deep Down, Below the Waves • [The Deep Ones] — Seanan McGuire

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