Bridge of Sighs – Laura Morelli

Bridge of Sighs written by Laura MorelliClick on image to buy a copy.

This was a free offering from Laura for signing up to her newsletter when i got to the end of ‘The Gondola Maker’.

As shorts go it’s a good well written piece in much the same style as ‘The Gondola Maker’ at around the same time and place.

My only gripe is that i wanted more – which is a complement. It would certainly have made a great first chapter to a much more deeper look into Venice, and Europe, at the time of the Black Death.

Although Laura’s thing is art, so she’s probably not planning to write a full novel on bubonic plague.

Anyways, i’m looking forward to getting around to reading ‘The Painter’s Apprentice’ in the not too distant. I’m definitely a fan of Laura’s Venice. More please!

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