Anthea Sharp

Anthea Sharp.So far i’ve only got around to reading Feyland’s first trilogy, but i’m quite looking forward to diving back into Feyland at some point in the future.   And there’s also Anthea’s other books i intend to explore.

Feyland’s definitely for those who’d like to try some European folklore with a tech twist, Anthea’s not afraid to mix genres and does so incredibly well.   And then there’s the steampunk meets spaceage (spacepunk) thing that Anthea’s also writing which looks incredibly delicious to this reader’s eyes.


The First Adventure: Feyland Series Prequel Novella
The Dark Realm (Feyland #1)
The Bright Court (Feyland #2)
The Twilight Kingdom (Feyland #3)
Spark (Feyland #4)

In Anthologies…

Passage Out
Fae Horse
The Sea King’s Daughter
Mistress Bootsi

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